Most Expensive One Bedroom Apartment

When it comes to luxury real estate, we do not tend to think about one bedroom apartments. After all, these are designed for people with a low income, right? Wrong! Tokyo, Japan, brings in what is now the most expensive of the apartments of this type, valued at $21.8 million. This apartment is referred to as “The House”. It is a name that is quite appropriate.

the house japan

The House is present in Minami Azabu, a prestigious and upscale region. It is filled of luxury. This particular apartment was bought and then remodelled by the anonymous current owner. The process took 18 months and the facelift was incredibly impressive. We have an apartment that was developed and designed with only one thing in life: luxury.

The most expensive one bedroom apartment in the world features furniture signed by Ceccotti Collezioni and a Hiroshi Senju original art piece. All the floors, doors and walls are made out of wood and stone that are imported from Italy. This leads up to a house value of close to $5,000 per one square foot.

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Just as you would expect, you gain access to really modern amenities and luxurious features you would normally expect in much larger apartments. The Habaci styled kitchen is wonderful and guests can actually sit there and be served, all at the same time, in a way that is 100% Japanese.

A really interesting part of this luxurious one bedroom apartment is the way in which space is covered. The entrance hallway, as an example, has walls you can open in order to gain access to a large storage unit that is capable of holding a maximum of two hundred shoes. All the appliances that are included in the kitchen come from renowned brand La Cornue. We even have a dining room that is Japanese Ryotei styled. That makes it great for a dinner party.

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The one thing that perfectly rounds up The House is the addition of a terrace that is Parisian style. The views that are offered there are simply breathtaking, with Arisugawa Park being the center of attention. In the condominium you will be able to feel great, especially thanks to the courtyard gardens that are fully enclosed.

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