Make Room: 6 Bedroom Storage Ideas

If you’re looking for clever storage ideas for small bedrooms, look no further!

We get it, having a small bedroom can be tricky. Wall space is limited, your closet (if you even have one) is small, and beds take up so much of the valuable floor real estate. How can you maximize your space when there’s so little to work with?

We’ve compiled our favorite bedroom storage ideas so you can love your living space.

1. Under the Bed Wonderland

Mom might have told you not to clean by shoving stuff under your bed. We stand by that, but storing and hiding are two different things.

If you are going to store items under your bed that you use regularly, find some storage containers with wheels for easy access. If your bed is too low to the floor, consider buying bed risers. These little platforms under each leg of your bed can raise it up and gives you tons of storage space hidden from sight.

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2. Rethink Your Bed Frame

If you’re needing to buy a bed frame and haven’t yet, look for one that has drawers. Bed frame designers understand the need to maximize space, and there are plenty to choose from.

For a serious storage hack, look into wall beds. Also known as Murphy beds, these beds can fold up discreetly against the wall and give you some serious floor space during the day.

3. Bins and Cubby Love

Cubbies are your friend. Use them with bins or without bins to store everything that can fit in them. Cubbies work well for closet organization, as a wall-mounted bookshelf, or part of a desk.

4. Double the Function

As your searching for bedroom storage ideas, try to use solutions that can serve more than a single purpose. By this, we mean that if you’re looking for a desk and a nightstand, consider using a desk next to your bed so one end can double as a nightstand.

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Floating shelves and bracket shelves are great for displaying your treasures but look at that unused space beneath. You can use hooks or a rod attached underneath to hang clothes or accessories.

5. Choose Furniture With Purpose

If you’re needing storage ideas for small bedrooms without closets, this tip is particularly important. Furniture that takes up a lot of space without giving back (i.e. providing storage) is not the way to go.

If your room is small, your furniture in your bedroom should have drawers, cabinets, shelves, or other means of storing your things. Instead of having a desk chair, consider a comfortable stool that can slide underneath the desk when you’re not using it to save space.

Depth is also important in this case. Narrow dressers or desks will open up the floor and help your room look more spacious.

6. Save Space With Wall-Mounted Lights

Lamps create great mood lighting that overhead lights just can’t match. If you’re stuck choosing between space on your nightstand or a bedside lamp, this one is for you. With the great invention of battery-powered puck lights, installing a wall-mounted light is simple and wire-free.

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Try These Bedroom Storage Ideas

Getting your room organized may take a weekend (or two). Once you have these bedroom storage ideas implemented, it will be much easier to keep your space neat and tidy.

For more tips on making your house or apartment feel like home, check out our Cleaning archive.

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