How Does a Well Water Pressure Tank Work Exactly?

If you own a well, chances are you also have a well water pressure tank. If you don’t, you’re missing out on simplifying your water-drawing process.

If you’re in the market for a new pressure tank, you may be wondering,” How does a well pressure tank work”? We’ll provide that answer for you in the content below. Just keep reading.

How Does a Well Water Pressure Tank Work?

A pressure tank includes two things: water at the bottom and compressed air at the top. The compressed air pushes out pressure on the well water when you turn on the faucet. This causes it to flow out of the tank and into your home’s plumbing.

The water from the well then enters the bottom of the tank via the pump. As the water level gets higher, the air at the top of the tank becomes increasingly compressed. After the pressure is at a max, the pump shuts off.

When you turn on the water in your house, the compressed air pushes the water out of the tank. Then, once the water level reduces to a certain level, and the air pressure goes back to a preset minimum, the pump turns back on and refills the tank.

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The Benefits of Using a Pressure Tank

It’s very beneficial to use a water well pressure tank. Not only does it regulate the water pressure, but a pressure tank also provides immediate access to well water. Therefore, you don’t have to manually turn the pump.

Also, it allows you to draw well water without the pump cycling on and off. This process minimizes strain on the pump and, and it extends the lifespan of the well.

The Various Types of Pressure Tanks

There are different types of pressure tanks to choose from, which include:

Diagram tanks: These tanks consist of a vinyl or rubber diagram that separates the water and air. As the water comes into the tank, the diaphragm extends upward, which compresses the air.

Bladder tanks: In this type of tank, the water is compressed in a bladder similar to a balloon. It stretches when the water is pumped into the tank, and it compresses the air.

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Air over water tanks: For this type of tank, there’s no actual barrier between the air and water. However, with this pressure tank, the air dissolves into the water. Therefore, it has to be monitored and changed on a regular basis.

If you currently have a water well pressure tank that requires repair, follow the highlighted link for details on getting maintenance for your pressure tank.

Understanding Your Well Water Pressure Tank

The operation process for a well water pressure tank is pretty straightforward, and having a pressure tank is essential for a properly working well. Therefore, you should make sure that you get regular maintenance on it.

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