How to keep your house clean when living with a dog

Dogs might be a man’s best friend but there is certainly no love lost in the relationship between your lovable canine and your home. However, if you lay down a few ground rules and train your animal well enough to follow these holy laws, you might find your home stays fresher and cleaner than ever.


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One of the biggest issues when it comes to keeping a house clean is dog hair. Dog hair on the floor, on furniture, on clothing and on fresh washing; a veritable nightmare for homeowners, so much so that you might start seeing flashes of dog hair when you go to sleep at night.

Martha Stewart recommends placing an old towel or sheet wherever your puppy likes to rest, allowing it to lay in comfort without getting hair across your sofa. In addition, a special dog bed could help train your pup to rest in his bed during the day and at night.

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Brushing your dog will also help keep the fur from flying around your home. Just five minutes a day grooming your pet should significantly reduce the amount of hair left across your abode and you’ll also notice your dog looks much better for it. Dogs also love being brushed so it shouldn’t be viewed as a chore; it’s quality time spent with your gorgeous animal.

Feeding time

Done the wrong way, feeding your animal also has the potential to be a messy endeavour. Feeding your pet on the carpet is a huge no-no due to the sheer chore of cleaning your carpet after every dinner time. As a result, it’s worth investing in a puppy place mat for easy clean-up.

You can also stand food and water bowls inside a large plastic tray to protect the floor from spills. Washing food bowls and water containers quickly after feeding time will also help keep your home from smelling, especially during the summer when the hot weather can have a significant effect on leftover food.

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If your dog thinks it can run around in the park, come back home and take a stroll down your cream carpets, it’s got another thing coming. Dog owners should always leave dirty paws at the front door as this can help reduce the amount of paw prints around the home.

Place mats at the front and back door of your home (washable, of course) can help clean muddy paws while investing in some pet wipes allows you to wipe up the dirt and mud accumulating in your pet’s paws. Getting into a clean-up routine will help train your pup to wait patiently at the door while you give his or her feet a quick scrub.

Just because you have a dog doesn’t mean your house has to smell like one. In addition, you don’t want to be spending hours upon hours of the day vacuuming dog hair or scrubbing paw prints from your dining table. With just a few simple tips and tricks, as well as an enforced cleaning routine, you and your dog can co-exist perfectly.

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