5 Best Equipment Pieces for Yards at Big Houses

Picture your dream house. What does it look like? How big is it? For most people, the ideal house is on the larger side, with plenty of room for spare bedrooms, an office, a large kitchen, and a few bathrooms.

Big houses are great, but they come with a few big responsibilities–some of which extend outside the home. After all, a lot of larger houses come with a large yard that’s going to need quite a bit of upkeep.

Taking care of a large yard can seem daunting; there’s grass to mow, hedges to trim, and weeds to deal with–how are you supposed to handle it all?

Yard maintenance is a lot easier when you have the right equipment. Keep reading to learn about five key pieces of equipment that can help you manage your lawn, no matter how big it is.

1. A Great Lawnmower

When you hear the term ‘lawn care,’ there’s one piece of equipment that probably jumps to mind: a lawnmower. Lawnmowers are the easiest, most efficient way to manage keep your grass from getting out of control.

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For a large yard, riding lawnmowers are the only way to go–make use of Westwood mowers if you want a dependable riding mower that can handle a big lawn.

2. A Lawn Aerator

It’s not enough to keep your grass cut–proper yard maintenance means keeping your grass healthy, too, and the best way to do that is with a quality lawn aerator.

Lawn aeration is a process that adds air to your soil and helps cut down on thatch. When to aerate depends on the kind of grass your lawn has.

3. Pressure Washers

Taking care of your property isn’t all about yard work–you also need to do a bit of home maintenance, which a pressure washer can help with. Pressure washers are a great way to clean your deck or porch.

You don’t need a fancy high-power pressure washer–there are plenty of small, affordable options available that pack enough punch for your patio.

4. Weed Whackers

There are a few ways to deal with weeds around your property, but a weed trimmer is the most efficient: it’s a lot faster than yanking weeds by hand and you won’t run the risk of exposing pets or kids to dangerous chemicals.

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The size of trimmer you need depends on how severe your weed problems are, but there are affordable models for every need.

5. Hedge Trimmers

Nothing accents your lawn better than a well-trimmed hedge. There are all kinds of options for hedge trimmers; again, what you need largely depends on how big your hedges are.

Handheld trimmers are very affordable. Pole trimmers are a bit more expensive, but budget-conscious options are available.

Big Houses Need the Best Equipment

Lawn care for big houses can get complicated. Things are much simpler and more manageable when you have the right kind of gear. By equipping yourselves with the items on this list, you’ll make yard work a breeze!

Once you’ve got your yard locked down, why not start a garden? Visit our gardening blog for tips and tricks to improve your green thumb!

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