5 Serious Reasons to Not Fix Broken Windows on Your Own

Homeowners choose the DIY route for at least 37% of their home improvement projects. But, they still hire professionals more than 60% of the time.

Many people decide to handle projects themselves because it’s a good way to save money. Painting and installing laminate flooring are some of the most popular projects.

That said, there are some cases where DIY isn’t the best solution, namely replacing broken windows.

Read on to learn why it’s in your best interest to hire professional window repair services instead of doing it yourself.

1. It’s Dangerous

Broken glass can lead to serious cuts and scratches if you don’t know the proper way to handle the glass. Plus, broken glass might also be on the floor under the window which is another hazard.

In some cases, you might also need to get on a ladder to address a window issue. Falling from a ladder can lead to serious injuries.

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2. It’s a Temporary Solution

Unless, storm damage has broken your window, you probably don’t know why the window broke in the first place which is frustrating.

A framing issue, a water leak, or missing caulk could’ve made the glass vulnerable to breakage. But, if you attempt to replace the window without investigating the cause, it’s only a temporary solution.

3. Poor Installation Can Lead to More Problems

A window is only as good as its seal. If there’s any airflow around the window, cold air can get inside and weaken the glass.

Without proper installation, your window becomes vulnerable to temperature changes and crack again. Hiring a professional to handle your glass replacement will ensure that your window will last as long as it should.

4. You Could Void the Warranty

Windows typically come with some form of warranty, whether it’s directly from the manufacturer or from the installation company.

The trouble is, most warranties come with a clause that will void the warranty for several listed reasons. For many home improvement materials, any replacement that’s not done by a licensed contractor can void the warranty.

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Replacing the window yourself can actually cost you more money in the long run. Without the protection of the warranty, you won’t have any help covering replacement costs.

5. It’s Difficult

Replacing glass windows is difficult! That’s why it’s often best left to the professionals.

Skilled labor means it’s a trade where people get trained in the proper installation procedures. That means they know how to deal with broken glass, how to spot issues, and caulk the window properly.

Plus, by hiring someone, you won’t have to bother with climbing on a ladder or worry about cutting yourself.

Hire a Professional to Fix Your Broken Windows

Broken windows are often more complicated to fix than you might think. You’ll save yourself money and frustration by hiring someone instead.

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