Luxury Interior Design Trend Predictions For 2018

Pantone, the worldwide color authority that always predicts interior design color trends, already highlights what the big things will be in luxury interior design for 2018. Various things are already known but those that are of interest for most homeowners are the following. These are the next big things we should take into account right now when preparing renovations for next year.

Geometric Patterns

Geometry can easily be incorporated into interior décor. It is actually a highly approachable trend for most homeowners to consider. In 2018 geometrics are going to be incorporated in practically everything from wall art and wallpapers to backsplashes. What you want to do is focus on one accent wall. Alternatively, you can go wild and wallpaper the entire bathroom or dining room. If you are interested in a small start, go for throws and pillows with geometric prints.

Wood Treatments

Technology is going to take over our lives in the near future so natural elements will become more and more popular in homes. This means wood is more popular than ever. We will surely see wood in various unexpected places like home ceilings or as an accent wall. Natural wood can easily be added for utilitarian pieces like plant pots or lamps. Add some hand carved wood bowls and the result is natural and powerful.

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Fringe will surely be a really hot luxury interior design trend in 2018. At the moment it mostly appears in decorative blankets and throw pillows but the trend will quickly move towards smaller furniture pieces like ottomans and footstools. Even curtains may be the case, making fringe something to seriously consider.


You might have already noticed that pillows with words printed on them keep popping up and typography is definitely here to stay. Home goods messaging is really popular and it will keep getting more and more popular. It can complement the story of a room while appearing in the smaller finishing touches like art or pillows.


Mettalics are anchoring rooms right now and in 2018 this will be even more prevalent. They can even take a highly dominant role, noticed in furnishings like dining tables and coffee tables. You can try to offset the traditional sofa that is upholstered with all-metal side tables. The hand painted metallic elements added to fabrics or wall art will add artistic flair. In the past we had metallic as being tricky to pull off but now modern rooms need some sparkle. Pillows laced with great quality gold thread may be exactly what you are looking for.

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Intense Colors

Last but not least, luxury interior design in 2018 will surely revolve around intense colors. Pantone clearly highlighted the fact that intense colors are going to be a “natural application of our intense lifestyles and thought processes.” This means that there will be 8 intense color groups that will be seen in luxury interior design. Purple, fuchsia, green and bright blue are going to be complemented by frosted almond, white, hot pink and turquoise.

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