Here’s What You Need To Do To Move Electronics

There are dozens of different tutorials that are written about moving precious elements but not much is known about moving electronics. In most cases these items end up damaged because of a mixed fault. The mover does not protect the cargo properly and the owner fails to mention that there are some fragile electronics that have to be moved.

moving electronics

When talking about electronics we mean everything that can be fragile like personal computers, DVD players, stereo equipment, VCRs, flat screen TV sets and much more. We always recommend that you talk with a serious mover because they know what has to be done.

General Guidelines To Remember

It is always a good idea to move the electronics in original cartons. The original packing materials normally offer much higher protection than what you can add alone. Electronic items have a delicate nature and you want to remember the following BEFORE you will move them:

  • Always back up computer software.
  • Disconnect cables and wiring.
  • Components have to be kept together.
  • Color-code the wires and pack them together with the electronic unit.
  • Make a list of all the electronic components, together with serial numbers.
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Protecting Electronics

Working with the mover is highly important when you want to protect electronics as you relocate. Do be sure that everything that you have to ship is picked up and that the mover signs for receipt. Remember the fact that some of the movers will have you sign a waiver when different items are shipped. Do ask if your items are going to be put on the list or not. This is important as you might need to get some extra insurance.

Add special instruction labels. This is much more important than you might think. Van operators need to easily see absolutely all the labels on the boxes. Liability is always affected in the event that you do not have labels on the carton boxes.

Securing Electronics And Proper Handling

The most important part of moving the electronics is securing them during the shipping. With this in mind, you want to be sure that you are there when packing happens. Use bubble wrap and be sure that every single corner of the box is covered in a proper way. This is the most important thing but you also have to be sure that you are going to put the boxes on top. Use cords so that you can secure them properly. When unpacking takes place, do be sure that the boxes that are fragile will actually be handled properly.

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