4 ultimate know-hows’ of bedding care

Almost 1/3rd of our lives are spent sleeping, or that’s what most researches and studies suggest. On a more non-statistical note, when a day is beginning and ending at one place, it should be ensured that the area is well maintained and fulfills its purpose hundred per cent. Where sleep is concerned, sleeping habits of people vary from one person to the other. Some just need a pillow and space to fall into and zap, off to sweet space of dreams. Others are more specific with the lighting, noise, temperature, sleeping area and bedding to get the perfect amount of relaxed. Keeping in view the latter where perfection in bedding care is a must to avoid crankiness and determine a well-rested night for productive days, here are 4 ultimate tips that should be followed-

1)      Place importance and make it a comfort zone

One should not underestimate the importance of a well-set bed and its effect on sleep. A bed is considered to be one of the important and stated furniture pieces in a bedroom which is placed centrally and sets the mood of the room. One should strive to dress is beautifully and comfortably. Take care of the laundry period requirement and also take care of how it’s tucked and presented. Add layers to the bed with comfort striving zones. Make a single coloured base sheet useful for the first layer, add on to the mattress with digital printed or floral printed bed sheets in folds and top it off with the comforter tightly tucked in with adequate amount of pillows and cushions set in rightly.

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2)      Coordinate sheets and maintain them

Wash sheets regularly to keep them hygienic and fresh. Although it is considered to be a personal preference as to how many times a sheet should be washed, but making it a weekly ritual is considered to be the best. It takes of dirt and germs and keeps the bed fresh and inviting for sound sleep. If the fabric of the sheet is not cotton and instead is a mix or linen then the care label should be read carefully and followed to keep the sheet clean and well maintained. If there are any sorts of stains or spots on the sheet which may cause decolouration then mild bleach can be used according to the colour and quality of the fabric to remove it. To minimize wrinkles and keep the sheets more easily for ironing and use, it should be tumble dried with a little moisture left instead of drying fully.


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3)      Storage and Replacement of Sheets

Proper storage of sheets is important to keep them away from staining and losing its composition. Spare sheets should be kept clean, dried and ironed for wrinkle free effect. One should make sure such sheets should be stored in a closet lined with acid free tissue paper to avoid any sort of decolouration. Moreover, if there is no space in cupboards and cabinets then it should not be placed in plastic bags either where moisture is locked or mildew is formed to deteriorate the sheets.

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4)      Use covers for protected pillows

Pillow covers should be used to protect pillows from any sort of bacteria, dust or allergy materials as the face and hair are under constant contact and touch with pillows. Sometimes dust from hair or cosmetics from face make the pillow prone to bacteria. For hygienic purposes the pillow cover should be kept separate and washed regularly. Mostly pillows are washable, they should be washed quarterly or as the need be according to the weather and use of the pillow and its condition according to what may seem most suitable.

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