Top 5 Ways to Enhance Small Kitchen Countertops

One of the most important ways to creating an efficient kitchen design is by applying a “kitchen triangle” layout—a perfect balance between the stove top, refrigerator and sink. This concept of triangular motion between the three most important parts of a working kitchen is the backbone of any good kitchen layout, but when space is limited, you’ve got to come up with some pretty unique design ideas to get the most out of your small kitchen space. Use these to five tips to help enhance your small kitchen countertops and you’ll be sure to not only beautify your space, but you’ll also be able to increase its efficiency.


Small Kitchen Countertops
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Open Spaces

From simple pass-through openings to vast kitchen countertops with built-in dining areas, one of the easiest ways to get the most out of a small kitchen space as well as reviving its aesthetics is by opening the space visually. Small kitchens with clever under-the-counter storage and open islands/peninsulas help to make a small kitchen feel larger. Highly reflective designer kitchen countertop surfaces like Caesarstone mixed with a good source of natural light alleviate the feeling of confined spaces. Caesarstone comes in a wide variety of designs and textures, the picking out which While tasks range from adding kitchen windows to knocking out entire walls, opening your small kitchen might be easier than you think.

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Dual Appliances

Nothing takes up more space than the appliances in your cramped kitchen. Why not open the space even more by freeing up wasted space appliances? Dual appliances like microwave/range hood combinations helps to make the space larger and more efficient. Unless you’re cooking for a huge family, you may want to consider scaling down the size of appliances to help save space as well.

Peninsula/U-Shape Layout

A good kitchen layout—with a good kitchen triangle layout—is the best way to make full use of a small kitchen space. By creating a peninsula shape with the cabinets, you’ll still be able to make use of the area as an eat-in kitchen countertop, and you’ll be able to free the space above the countertops to make the space open and easy to view. Sliding drawers—especially sliding drawer freezers—help to maximize lower storage so upper storage can be eliminated to instantly open up a tiny kitchen.

Natural Lighting

We talked about natural lighting previously, but for some kitchens, poking a hole into the outside of the home just isn’t possible. That’s where conventional and tubular skylights come in handy. Unless you’ve got a second story over the top of your kitchen, you should be able to install a skylight. Affordable and adaptable, tubular skylights offer a source of natural light in just about any location. With a good combination of natural light, any small kitchen space will appear more open and airy.

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Clever Storage

No matter how big you make a small kitchen feel, it’s not going to get any larger—unless you actually maximize storage. The majority of kitchen space is filled with cabinets and if you can take advantage of every inch of cabinet and kitchen countertop space, you’ll be able to actually enlarge a small kitchen without having to knock out walls or add-on the structure. Avoid dead end corner cabinetry and opt out for rotating lazy-Susan style openings. Take advantage of small spaces by adding cabinet features like built-in cutting boards, deep drawers and pull-out wire pantry baskets. You’ll update your kitchen space beautifully, you’ll gain more storage and you’ll lessen the feeling of confinement in your small kitchen space.

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