Tips On How To Choose What Basement Windows To Buy

There are different reasons why people want to replace or remodel basement windows. In most cases we tend to do that when we prepare for a rainy season. Choosing something that is bad will lead to problems in the future. With this in mind, let us think about what you have to consider.

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Quality First

Basement windows are located really close to the ground so resistance to mildew and rot is vital. In addition, since wall space is limited, the windows are smaller and you cannot add many of the features that are available with regular windows like double hung, awning, hopper or sliders. Sliding and double hung windows will usually be recommended due to the fact that outside debris can block other potential styles.

A few years ago we saw wood and metal dominating the basement windows market but alternatives are nowadays more popular since wood tends to rot and metal to rust.

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Vinyl basement windows are preferred for replacements because this is a material that is safe against insects, elements, mildew and rotting. You do not need to paint it and the price tag is not that high.

Structural Integrity

The basement window is not like the traditional window from a structural point of view because of the fact that it has to slide open wide enough to allow basement ventilation and allow for moving larger materials like ladders through it. While you can install your own window in some cases, with basement windows it is a lot better idea to hire professionals. That guarantees that leaks will not appear.


Just as with regular windows, buying basement windows brings in different aspects you have to consider. When referring to price, everything depends on look and quality. In most cases the price is located at 50 to 150 dollars per one window. Labor rates are usually at around $50 per hour.

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When you want to convert your basement into a living area, more windows will be necessary so an increase in natural light is gained and protection against moisture is higher. With this in mind, you can easily end up paying more. That is because you need more windows and because they need to be of a higher quality.

Remember that basement windows need to be of a really good quality and triple pane windows are usually recommended as you need more insulation in your basement. It may seem that this is not the case during the summer since the area is colder but during the winter you will quickly figure out why this is so important.

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