Which Storm Door Should I Buy?

The choice process you have to go through when you choose a storm door is a little bit complicated because of the lack of knowledge that exists at the moment. Whenever thinking about “which storm door should I buy,” never trust the indications offered by a person that tells you what to purchase before actually asking questions to figure out what you really need! We say this because the best door for us might not be the best storm door for you. Here is what you need to know in order to buy the best storm door for you.

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Storm Door Basic Facts To Remember

The modern storm doors come with various combinations of glass and screen panels. Many of these include removable panels that you can change based on current season. Most of the doors include a sweep at the bottom. This is important as it keeps dirt, outside air and dirt on the outside.

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Some of the models include deadbolt locks and protective grilles. These features have to be considered when faced with security concerns. Different storm door brands have unique features that are not found with another manufacturer. We recommend the multipoint locking systems whenever security is really important.

Look at the door’s components when you buy. Close and open it in order to be 100% sure that latches and hinges do operate properly. Try to buy the door that is made out of the highest possible quality components in order to ensure long life.

Storm Door Panels And Screens

In the event that the storm door will be directly exposed to sun, make sure that screens are changed really early in the spring. Then, wait until fall’s end before you put them back. The panels will act like greenhouses. they heat up space between 2 doors and will cause weather stripping to quickly deteriorate. You can even end up with metal doors to be warped because of heat.

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Whenever you choose a metal replacement screen, talk with the dealer so that you are sure what you choose is compatible. There are many cases in which you have different metals that are in direct contact. This hastens corrosion.

You should know this about screens:

  • Galvanized steel screens are not expensive and will resist to tears and holes. However, the coating can wear off. Rust prevention becomes necessary.
  • Bronze screens are very durable but they are also the ones that will cost the most. Protect against corrosion with varnish every few years.
  • Aluminum screens will be strong against corrosion but not in a seaside area. They are not as strong as galvanized steel is.
  • Fiberglass screens are really easy to install. They are practical when metal screens deteriorate.

Door Stops And Closers

Most of the storm doors include a door stop or a door closer. These are devices that will control how far the door opens. The door stop (commonly referred to as snubber) will utilize a chain that is connected to a spring in order to control the storm door.

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We also have pneumatic closers that are useful as they prevent a door from being opened too far or too fast.

Make sure that you always talk to a professional to install the storm door for you. This is really important due to the fact that you have to be sure that it is properly installed.

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