The Complete Spring Cleaning Checklist To Print Out

Nobody loves cleaning and if you need to do this alone, you will surely have to write down some sort of spring cleaning checklist. In order to make everything easier for you, here is what you need to always consider, based on areas that have to be cleaned.

Outside AreasThe Complete Spring Cleaning Checklist


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  • Wash the thresholds
  • Wash the siding
  • Replace or clean the welcome mat
  • Sweep the walkway and the porches
  • Wash the exterior doors

If You Have A Foyer

  • Wash the trim and walls, knobs, switch plates, doors and furnishings
  • Dust all the lighting fixtures
  • Scrub and sweep the floors
  • If you have a coat closet, empty it and wash if necessary
  • Replace or clean the entry mat
  • If needed, reseal the grout lines

Clean The Bedrooms

  • Open the windows and dust all furniture
  • Remove what you have in the closets, wash and sweep the closet floor
  • Move your bed so that you can clean everything under it
  • Launder all the curtains and bedding, dust your lights
  • Wash the window sills, windows, switch plates, doorknobs, mirrors, floor registers, the floor and doors
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Clean The Kitchen

  • Open the windows, remove coverings, clean them and remove them
  • Sharpen your knives, sanitize and wash
  • Clean the oven and organize the pantry while also checking food expiry dates
  • Clean the areas that are not visible like under stoves or fridges
  • Wipe the counter appliances, wash the counters and clean your dishwasher
  • Wash the walls, the trim, the door knobs, the doors, the vent covers, the floor registers and the switch plates
  • Reseal the grout lines when needed

Clean The Bathrooms

  • Open the windows, empty all the cabinets and wash inside them. If necessary, replace items that have to be replaced.
  • Clean the tub, toilet drain and sink.
  • Wash vanities and cabinets
  • Clean the frames, the mirror, clean the drain and sink
  • Wash the window sills, windows, switch plates, walls, floor registers
  • Wash the floors after sweeping
  • If needed, reseal the grout line

Clean The Dining Room

  • Open the windows, wash the curtains, wipe chairs and other furnishing
  • Dust serving dishes, art and displayed china
  • Shine the silverware
  • Wash the switch plates, window sills, windows, walls, trim, door knobs, doors, vent covers and floor registered
  • Clean the floors
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Clean The Living Room

  • Vacuum the sofas and the floors (also wash floors)
  • Spot the clean sofas if necessary
  • Wash the window sills and windows
  • Dust the shelves, décor and furniture
  • Carefully dust the electronics and clean the television screen
  • Remove the window screens, wash them, the windows and the window sills
  • Arrange the electronic wires properly
  • Sort the magazines and books
  • Wash the children’s toys, switch plates, knobs, doors, trim, walls, vent covers and floor registers

Clean The Laundry Room

  • Wash the window sills, windows, inside cabinets, cabinet doors, washing machine inside, dryer, washer outside, laundry sink, inside cabinets, lint traps, doors, knobs, wash floors and switch plates
  • If applicable, reseal the grout lines

These are all the things that you need to include in your spring cleaning checklist. Remember that based on the home you have, it is possible to need to add some points to the checklist.

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