What Is The Most Expensive Wood For Kitchen Cabinets?

You can make kitchen cabinets out of many different woods. The only thing that you need is to be sure that the chosen wood will offer the necessary stability and strength. When you choose low-quality wood, it will be really prone to breaking and cracking when holding items that are heavy or when mounted to walls. With this in mind, do consider the future and always invest in expensive wood. Many of the really expensive wood types will offer a lot of durability and strength. This is not only great for storage cabinets, it also helps in saving money on the long run as using cheap wood means you need to often make repairs or replace your cabinets.

hardwood kitchen cabinets


This material is expensive but it is also the most popular choice for a cabinet. Hardwood is usually utilized for really high quality projects. This includes hardwood flooring. The distinctive grain means that a finish that is nicer can be achieved, even if staining and sanding is necessary before use. A one foot board usually costs around $20 so you can easily imagine how much you have to pay for the entire cabinet.

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You can buy plywood in various quality grades and sizes. This practically means that prices will vary. Grade A plywood is the highest possible quality and is perfect for cabinetmaking. The price for one sheet of grade-A mahogany plywood of 4 by 8 feet will cost you 51 to 100 dollars based on sheet thickness.


When compared to hardwood, the quality is lower but we do have enough strength for use in kitchen cabinets. You will not get a smooth appearance. Builders have to always treat or paint wood. Prices tend to vary based on treatments and will fool between $3 and $8.5 for one foot.

Avoid The Following

There are wood types that are not at all ideal for making cabinets. For instance, any builder needs to avoid the use of medium-density fiberboard and chipboards when choosing wood to be used in kitchen cabinets. Such wood types will be created to be really cheap but they will easily crumble when placed under medium pressure or when cut. You should not use these in wooden construction, especially when wood is visible.

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