How a Rendering Service Can Help Protect Your Home

If you have a home you will certainly want to do as much as you can in order to ensure that it not only looks good, but that it will look like that for as …

If you have a home you will certainly want to do as much as you can in order to ensure that it not only looks good, but that it will look like that for as long as possible. Protecting your home though has never been easier and nowadays if you will use a Rendering service, you will be able to achieve just that without having to consider any efforts on your side. There are many such businesses out there that you can consider and they also offer you plenty of services. Below you will find some of these services:

Damp proofing and brick wall restoration
Coating and repair of pebbledash
Weatherproof coatings for render
Insulated thermal render
Colored-through rendering
Lime rendering
Cement and sand rendering

Lime render

This is basically a very versatile traditional wall covering and when it comes to how it reacts with water, it will not repel it, but it will basically soak it up and then evaporate it. This means that regardless of the season of the year, your wall will look great anytime. There are also homes that feature cement render and if this is the case, depending on the company you will log with, you may have it removed free of charge and then have it replaced with lime render.

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Colored-through render

This is an extremely durable render and the good news about it is that it can be applied to almost any house, with the results offering the best weatherproof maintenance-free finish. This render is not applied to the surface, but it’s basically blended in with the render and that is what makes it such a durable and amazing solution.

Thermally insulated exterior render

The previous render can also be considered with built in insulation and that is generally possible at a very low cost. The home will become a thermal render system and when it comes to the heating bills you need to pay on a monthly basis, you will realize they will get lower and lower after you will consider this system for your house. Most of the times people are curious whether rendering a home will make it warmer and the answer is that using cement render and cement sand won’t imply impacting the temperature in a house, but if this is something you’re looking for, then you may want to ask the service provider about thermally insulated renders.

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Rendering coatings for Pebbledash

For those who have external house walls which are rough textured (spar dash or pebbledash), repairing it and matching it to the new and old sections is not going to be easy. Painting it is also not an option, as this will certainly be very difficult to achieve with great results most of the times. However, choosing a specialized service, this will no longer be the problem. The wall will be rendered to a light textured or smooth finish and it will look stunning.

With that being said, it seems that protecting a home by using a rendering service is the best way of saving money on heating bills, but also protecting it from moisture and other elements as well!