What Should You Know When You Build A Modern Conservatory?

Adding a conservatory to your home is now much easier than it used to be but this does not mean buyers are not going to be a little overwhelmed. The conservatory is basically a home addition that is glazed and that you can build without a planning permit, although some restrictions do apply. Properly defining the conservatory is a little difficult since you might have a different idea than another person but the general guidelines to remember include:

  • 50% of walls have to be made out of translucent material.
  • Floor areas should not exceed 30 square meters.
  • 75% of roof should be made out of translucent material.
  • The building should be at the ground level.
  • The installed heating has to be completely independent from the main dwelling.

Proper Conservatory Design

Conservatory design has to echo existing property design. You should never mix different architectural periods. Always use scales and materials in a sensitive way if you want a really good finish, even if traditional lines do not always have to be followed. Generally, the main idea is to take your inspiration from the architecture of the home.

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Think about size as relation to the house. When the design is oversized or too great for the modest house, things are not going to look great. You do need to have enough space available so sometimes you decide to eliminate a part of the garden. However, the fact that shape can easily be flexible is a big advantage. Position the conservatory based on intended use.

Temperature Control And Ventilation

South facing buildings require ventilation coming from side windows or roof vents. You also want to create draught in order to shift the hot air. Tinted glass and low-emissivity glass can help deal with excess heat but a good choice is normally tainted glass that can dull winter daylight.

Make sure that you factor in running costs for the conservatory since cooling and heating can easily increase the bills. Glazed roofs are going to offer a better performance and when you have a conservatory that faces north, underfloor heating and/or radiators will have to be installed. Woodburning stoves can also be considered for a cozy feeling, even if much space is occupied.

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Since overheating is a really major concern as you update or install any conservatory, try to think about solar control glazing. Polarizing glazing that will tint can reduce glare. You can install automated blinds, cooling and ventilation. Rain sensors are great and if the budget allows it, make sure you take self-cleaning glass into account for a great modern conservatory design.

Choosing A Company To Build The Conservatory

The last thing we should talk about is a very important decision you are going to have to make in most cases. It is not that easy to build a modern conservatory alone and there are so many different wonderful options available in the modern market. Always be sure that you consider the appropriate firm because experience is vital for the result.

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