5 Freestanding Bathtubs You Can Relax In For Hours!

Freestanding bathtubs are very good luxury investments you can make. They are also pretty great looking and allow you to relax for such a long time while in a pleasant bathroom since you cannot really add such a bathtub in a smaller bath and without taking interior design into account.

Below you can find some really great freestanding bathtubs that are highly recommended but first let us talk a little about choosing such a bathtub as what you really love in the store may not be exactly what is very good in your case.

Choosing Freestanding Bathtubs

You mainly want to think about the following factors:

  • Weight – This type of bathtub is heavy and you also need to think about the water that you are going to add and your body weight to the mix. Your home needs to physically be able to withstand the extra pressure.
  • Location – Improper placement can easily transform the freestanding bathtub from something delightful to a bathtub that is incredibly cramped. This factor is particularly important when the bathroom is smaller.
  • Style – Any freestanding bathtub will be a statement element in your bathroom so you want to seriously consider what style is better suited in your case. For instance, you may want to choose between traditional and contemporary look.
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Coniston – CP Hart

This freestanding bathtub costs close to $4,000 and features really sexy curves with inspiration from Cumbria’s Coniston Water. Similar to having a flying saucer in your bathroom, the tub holds much water and you will feel relaxed in it for hours to come. The only problem is that you need a large bathroom but you can choose out of gloss white and matte as finishes.

Astonian Brunel – Aston Matthews

This beauty is similarly prized and is created for those that are mainly interested in size. It is made out of cast iron and is inspired by Isambard Kingdom Brunel and the nineteenth century. The price is high but it is also a bathtub that has a really high dependability. It is practically guaranteed it will last for tens of years and you can paint it when you get bored with it for a completely new look.

Henley 1550 – Soakology

The Henley 1550 is 10 times cheaper than the two other options above but this does not mean that it is not great. The reason for the price is in part the fact that this freestanding bathtub is designed for the smaller bathrooms. It is made out of acrylic so it is easy to fix any scratch and the feet are chrome aluminum for some extra style.

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Moo – CP Hart

Prepare yourself for the price tag if your budget is not high: $16,000. The bovine bathtub is instantly distinctive and made in Belgium. You instantly recognize the design as it is covered with imitation cow hyde that is water resistant. The bathtub is really great for exterior use or for a chalet.

Salisbury Slipper – Bathstore

For around $850 the 1520 mm bathtub is going to be perfect for a bathroom that is meanly-proportioned. Shoulder support is highly appreciated for those that want to relax and the bathing experience is quite different than expected as you are slightly upright. Black feet look great in contrast with the bathtub but if you want white feet, you can get that.

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