Understanding The Elements Of Design That Are Guaranteed To Create Visual Interest

Interior decoration is of course to intensify the beauty of a house by giving it a proper theme, colour and appropriate objects and furniture, but these items are just displayed around randomly, there are certain design elements that are looked into before choosing which item to display. Understanding the elements of design will allow you to perfectly analyse any change that you are bringing and make sure its for the better, not every good looking thing or colour etc. can be incorporated in design.


Form is an important element of design and it is used to provide depth in a room while also adding distinction. 3D objects such as vases, crystal decorative pieces and candles etc. are excellent ways to provide form and if they are grouped together especially in different colours their form is enhanced. Crystal pieces should be well decorated with various types of colors which looking much attractive and shining.

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Imagine a room that is decorated in all red or its all coloured neutrally, no matter what colour it is the similarity and matching of everything will create a highly boring and sophisticated decor. Contrast needs to be introduced to hype up the decor and create visual interest. If a room is decorated in black and white, a simple red lamp or a red wall canvas print can make the entire room pop out by adding contrast. Other then colours a different texture or addition of print in a plain room can be the contrasts. Colors contras should be well organizes with high material and great quality colors resolution. You can buy canvas prints for home decoration purposes.

Focal points

Focal points are areas in a room that instantly draw the eye and demand attention, a life sized picture on canvas in a bedroom or a crystal chandelier in the dining room or a wall covered with music records or a cosy large couch with colourful pillows are examples of some focal points. Anything that stands out will be the focal point thus if you position something differently or if the scale or shape is different or if the colour really contrasts then it can be a focal point. Focal point also well decorated within room for enhance more attractive.

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Balance refers to the placement and positioning of items which results in visual interest. It does not mean that all objects have to be placed in a line necessarily, although that would also create balance, but objects can even be placed irregularly if they balanced about each other. If a feature wall is full oh framed photos irregular in shape they can be balanced out by monochromatic frames, while coordinating books on a shelf in the order of colour can also create balance.


Varying textures are an excellent way to create attraction. The technique of layering can be used to create groupings of various textures for example a leather sofa can have suede or silk cushions along with a woollen throw.

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