Important Pool Maintenance Tips to Avoid Expensive Repairs

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Although pools are ideal and beneficial for entertainment and relaxation, the cost of repairs can be stressing and soaring. However, it is possible to avoid the repair expenses while at the same time prolonging the life of your pool by following a few pool maintenancetips. Below are some of the few tips that will help you avoid the costly repairs while at the same time helping your pool to function properly:

1.Maintain a proper water circulation: – To maintain a natural water circulation, it is good to run the pump for approximately 60 minutes and especially when the outside temperature is at 10 degrees Celsius. When the pump is run as it should be, the flow takes places naturally and therefore there will be no need for unnecessary chemical adjustments. Lack of a proper water circulation can easily lead to major pool breakdown which could cost much to repair.

2.Empty the in-line and skimmer basket always: – Many pool owners to not remember to empty these two baskets yet the practice is normally very beneficial. In case your pool is not covered all through, it is advisable that the emptying should be done frequently and especially during the summer and fall seasons when leaves are likely to fall off into your pool. Clogging of the two pool components always demands that the pump should be pushed harder in order to pump the water thus reducing its lifespan. To avoid this therefore, take the precautionary measures and unclog the system.

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3.Maintain a proper pH in the pool: – The pH of your pool plays a very important role in ensuring that the system runs well. For this reason therefore, you should maintain the pH at a level lower than 8.0 while using the right chemicals to do this. Some pool maintenance companies normally provide their clients with PH balancing services during their service provision. Always use a water filter like.

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By Vic Brincat from Keswick, Ontario, Canada (050730_021) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

4.Always use the approved amount of chlorine into the pool water. This will help eliminate algae and bacteria fully and thus keep the water suitable for use while at the same time reducing the unnecessary load from the pool filters. Chlorine works as a sanitizer and oxidizer and therefore should be used in the recommended amounts frequently.

5.Replace any aging components with original spares and this way you will be able to raise the level of chlorine in your pool water. This helps ensure that potential germs are destroyed fully and faster while at the same time maintaining the clarity of your pool water.

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6.Make sure that the water level in your pool is as per the recommendations. Although this is not a daily activity, you should monitor it frequently adjusting the level based on the requirements. Do this every month and make sure that the water level is at the center of the skimmer or tile.

7.Clean the lint and hair pot inside the pump at least once after two or three weeks or as the exercise might be necessary. You should have your pump turned off during this exercise.


These are some of the most important practices to adhere to and once done as they ought to, you will be saving yourself a lot of money that would have otherwise be directed to the major repair expenses. In case you cannot do it yourself, call in a professional to help you with the work.

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