How To Choose A Steam Shower For Your Home

How To Choose A Steam Shower For Your Home

Steam showers have been present in health clubs all around the world for a long time as they are useful to sooth joints, invigorate a tired body and relax your muscles but in homes they were not that common. This is no longer the case now as different manufacturers are offering great options for homeowners. The problem is that it is a little difficult to make the best choice.

Such an improvement is going to easily help you to get a spa atmosphere at home and will increase the luxury appeal but what should you know about the choices available? Here are the important things to remember.


At the basis the steam shower is an enclosed, small room that has a steam generator and includes a door that keeps vapors in. Steam generators are heating waters and offering you the vapor. Materials that are impervious to the hot vapor will cover all parts of the shower room. Inside it you normally have a bench or a seat that will offer you the possibility to relax as you are enjoying steam bathing. You also normally have access to regular shower if this is what you want.

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Available Options

If you decided that the steam shower is something that you really want at home, the first thing is to learn as much as possible about the options that are available. Steam showers are normally offered as complete kits that are easy to install but it is also possible to buy steam generators so that you would install them inside enclosures that are custom-built. Most of the choice you make will be related to the steam generator type. We thus have the following:

  • Modular Units

This is the easiest and quickest option available, with a price range up to $5,000. You basically get an all-in-one prefabricated unit that includes molded seats, integral doors, showerheads, steam dispensers and different other additions. Some even include whirlpool bathtubs as a base.

  • Modular Unit Construction

This is an enclosure that is waterproof and keeps the vapors from going out. You choose out of various configurations and sizes and you add them right inside the bathroom, usually replacing your tub with the steam shower. Not much reconstruction is going to be necessary. Plumbing hookups are normally included.

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Styles And Colors

Unfortunately, unless you are going for something that is highly customized, you will not have many color choices available with the modular units since they are usually off-white or white. Textured floors are necessary to make sure slipping reduces.

Custom Steam Showers

This is normally the preferred option whenever your interest is to create something that perfectly blends with the bathroom you have. With a custom steam shower you basically get to choose everything associated with the unit and the steam showers.

In most situations the custom steam shower will be built from zero as a bathroom remodeling or construction is done. All wanted amenities can be added, ranging from a waterfall shower to a panel shower. Based on the finishes, equipment and work you choose costs are going to be high, possibly much higher than modular steam shower units. If you want to save money, you want to convert the shower as you look for something that is similar.

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Luxury Suites

Nowadays, you also have access to shower suites. They are basically steam showers that are very complex and filled with luxurious options. The luxury shower suite will easily cost tens of thousands of dollars, with top models reaching $30,000. If you look at many of them you will end up thinking you are buying a full water theme park. Some of the interesting options normally considered include waterproof CD players, hands-free telephones, aromatherapy, mood lighting, multiple water jets, body sprays and waterfalls.

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