The Most Expensive NYC Home Available For Sale $130 Million

In the last 2 years we did end up seeing many homes that passed the $100 million mark. New York City has to be on the list and this is possible thanks to the new addition of River House Residence for the popping asking price of $130 million. Although this is listing number 4 on the most expensive homes available in USA, it is still something that you want to see, with its listing name of “The Residence”.

$130 Million Residence at River House - the Largest and Most Expensive Home in NYC
$130 Million Residence at River House – the Largest and Most Expensive Home in NYC

What is interesting with this property is that it is a 5 stories building. Ever since the year 1931 the building was a private club for the elite. This leads towards a 62,000 square feet massive home, being the largest single family home that ever existed in NYC.

At the moment the property is listed as raw space, in existing condition. However, the price also includes a complete renovation plan that is proposed by Tony Ingrao, a well-known and respected interior designer. The building is art deco and opens up right into a riverfront garden featuring a 62 feet indoor swimming pool, together with squash courts and tennis courts. There is an IMAX home viewing screening room, a fully equipped spa, a card room and even a wine cellar. The design plan that is proposed also includes a huge 15,000 square feet bedroom level and one full level that is designed for the home staff.

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What is interesting is that if we break down the price to a per square foot ratio, we end up at around $2,100, which is quite low considering market prices, even if it is raw space. There are condos that sale for around $10,000 per square foot so the buyer will surely put his hands on a real deal.

As expected, the property is located in the prestigious midtown Manhattan area. The owners did not want to sell for a really long period of time but now there is a change in the noticed mindset. There is even a special PR consultant that was hired to represent the building, together with the partnership signed with the real estate agency representing the property.

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