How Can You Make Your Bedroom Look More Expensive With Limited Cash?

We spend a lot of time in our bedroom so it is normal that we want it to feel as luxurious as possible. Unfortunately, in many situations we believe that this is not something for us since costs would be really high. That is not actually the case. With many simple modifications we can make the bedroom look more luxurious. Below you can find some tips to take into account but remember that there are always more things that can be done. One of the best things you could do is to work with an interior designer that can fit your budget but when this is not the case, here are suggestions that are going to help.

  • Throw Pillow Overfill

There is definitely something luxurious about overfilled, plush throw pillows. They can easily transform the bedroom, making it a bonafide retreat emulating a feeling you often see in sumptuous hotels. Pillows are definitely a little secret hotels use in order to make their rooms look more luxurious.

  • Hanging Light Fixtures

Boob lights should be removed. Instead, make a statement with hanging lights or even a chandelier. You do not need to spend too much money for that. You can easily find some online for under $150 and the result will be instant glamour.

  • Don’t Forget About Your Nightstand

Most homeowners see the nightstand as an essential home item. It normally carries various essentials like charging cords, novels, hand creams and is the place where you leave your glass of water after you finish it. Why not rethink this display? Hide parts in drawers and display smaller items in beautiful trays.

  • Don’t Forget About Statement Pieces

There are various ways to go but you do want to make a statement. For instance, you can consider a gilded dresser, an arm chair covered with velvet or a bed frame made out of dark wood. The idea is to basically add something that creates a statement so you do not have to clutter the room with much furniture for a great appearance. Every single piece in the bedroom should stand alone so be sure that you carefully choose each one so it is both functional and matches everything inside.

  • Empty Floors

Not many consider this but it is a great cleanliness and organization tip. Cluttered bedrooms will never have a luxurious appearance. Floors are much better when orderly and clean. Do not stack extension cords or books and just keep the floor clear.

  • Replace Furniture Hardware

You do not need to keep default hardware coming with your nightstands and dressers. If they are not visually stunning, replace them! This is easy and cheap, upgrading the room really fast. Personalize the look in many ways possible, including copper, crystal and gemstone.

  • Greenery Addition

The easiest and quickest way to upgrade practically any room and make it look more expensive is greenery addition. You can consider adding large ferns, many small plants or small potted plants put on the dresser. This can be a great leap towards luxurious appearance.

  • Reorganize Vanities

Similarly to the nightstand, if the vanity is cluttered the bedroom is going to look very messy. Makeup organizers for instance can be bought for small amounts and can make the room look much more luxurious. Think about how vanities can be organized and make sure the addition matches the rest of the bedroom.

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