Taking Care of Your Luxury Furniture

In order to keep your furniture looking its best, you need to take care of it. While your primary concern is to keep it in good condition, you may also want to clean it and …

In order to keep your furniture looking its best, you need to take care of it. While your primary concern is to keep it in good condition, you may also want to clean it and wax it. Also, you should try to protect it from direct sunlight and heat.


One of the best things to do with your time and money is to do some serious furniture cleaning. Having your home looking and feeling like a showroom will help you enjoy the fruits of your labor and keep your sanity. Getting the furniture to shine is not always the easiest task. Some of the stumbling blocks include your choice of cleaning product and the method by which you clean the furniture. A reputable firm will provide you with a checklist and the requisite swag. It is well worth the effort. Keeping your high-end furnishings in tip top condition will ensure that they last longer, and for the same price as replacing them. Fortunately, a few products make the job easy. The most popular choices include upholstery cleaners, upholstery polishers, and steam cleaning services. Whether you’re considering a one-off or a recurring service, it’s important to find the right fit. If you do, you’ll get the most out of your investment and enjoy the results for years to come. To learn more about these and other quality interior cleaning services in your area, contact the pros today.


Waxing luxury furniture is a wonderful way to protect wood from water, dirt, and stains. It also offers some protection against scratches and abrasion. Furniture wax can be used on both old and new wooden furniture.

There are many different types of wax, ranging from natural to synthetic. The best choice is one that is easy to apply. This type of wax will provide a smooth, silky finish on your furniture.

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Beeswax is a soft wax that can be a good option for a fresh, new look. It is also safe for young children. Unlike petroleum-based products, pure beeswax does not contain silicone, which can make it hard to clean.

Furniture wax also comes in a variety of colours, ranging from clear to amber. Some people like to change the colour of their wood, and furniture wax can help with that. In addition, the amount of wax you use can affect how your finish looks.

For older wood, it is best to clean it well before using any wax. This will ensure that the product will not ruin the table. If the surface is particularly rough, it can be buffed with steel wool. A terry cloth can also be used to buff the wax.

Waxing luxury furniture can help bring back the beauty of an old piece. However, it is important to remember that wax is not meant for extremely hard-wearing objects. It should be applied with care, and it is not suitable for use on oil finishes. Lastly, it should be patch tested to make sure it will not damage the furniture.

Whether you prefer white, amber, or another colour, waxing luxury furniture is a quick and easy way to add a new coat of protection to your wooden items. Many craftsmen will even apply two coats of wax to catch any missed spots.

Protecting from direct heat and sunlight

There are many ways to protect luxury furniture from direct heat and sunlight, from covering it to rearranging it. Protecting your furniture from the sun will help keep it looking its best for years to come.

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It is not uncommon for the sun to be able to damage quality home furnishings. This is especially true of wood, which can fade or darken over time. For the best protection, a proactive approach is necessary.

One of the most effective methods of protecting your wooden and leather furniture from the rays of the sun is to position your prized possessions away from windows, and on the floor of a shaded room. The sun can also be prevented from penetrating the window by installing a special type of glass. Keeping your furniture in an energy efficient room will also help regulate temperatures and lower your utility bills.

In addition, you can buy commercial spray on fabric protectors to shield your upholstery. Another method is to cover the surface with a stylish coaster. If you have hardwood floors, consider repositioning your furniture periodically.

Other ways to keep your furniture from getting a beating include blocking the sun with curtains, shades, or a solar screen. A blackout curtain will block almost all of the sun’s rays, while a window awning will reduce the UV exposure.

Finally, you may want to consider the benefits of using a high-quality protective coating on your outdoor furniture. Using a product such as Scotchgard Water and Sun Shield will help protect your outdoor furniture from the elements. Additionally, a rust neutralizer can be applied to wrought iron and plastic outdoor furniture to avoid corrosion.

These are just a few of the most important ways to protect your luxury furniture from the sun. However, there are also other less conventional measures you can take to preserve your investment.

Preventing deterioration of finishes

If you want to keep your luxury furniture looking new, there are several things you can do to help prevent deterioration of finishes. These can include applying a coat of varnish to the surface. Varnish is made from oil or resins and helps provide a protective coating against water and ultraviolet light. Varnish is available in different colors, finishes, and thicknesses.

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Another way to keep your furniture finishes in top condition is to store them in a cool, dry place. Leaving your furniture in a sunny room can cause permanent discoloration and fading. Store your furniture in a dimly lit area to minimize this.

Another great way to protect your furniture is to use glass tabletops. While it does not completely protect your finish from UV rays, it will slow down fading and discoloration. You can also put a layer of felt or rubber on the surface of your tabletops. This will keep them from sticking to the furniture and rubbing it.

You can also use commercial cleaners for your furniture. Using too much soap can leave a film on the finish, and streaks can occur. However, many popular formulations contain silicone products that can darken antiques. Similarly, you should be careful about using any type of chemical that can dissolve wood finishes.

Keeping your furniture clean and well-maintained is essential if you want it to last for years. Most high-end furniture manufacturers recommend that you take care of your furniture to ensure its longevity. Unfortunately, there are a number of misconceptions about how to care for your fine pieces. Fortunately, proper care and maintenance are not difficult. All you need are the right products and a little know-how.