Most Expensive Home For Sale In Great Britain

The truth is that the most expensive homes in the world end up having the records broken by huge markgins. This is exactly what could happen in Great Britain. The current record of the most expensive home stands at 140 million pounds and that can be broken really fast since the most expensive home for sale available at the moment has an asking price of a staggering 300 million pounds. If the property will be sold, you can expect a record that would most likely not be broken in a really long time. We rarely see a home like this one come to the real estate market in Great Britain.

The Rutland Gate 2

The name of the home is The Rutland Gate. This is probably the largest of all the London family homes. We are talking about a pre-war mansion that has 7 stories and that is spread over a lot that has the exact size of a football field. As you can imagine, the building appeared when enough space was available for such a large property.

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It is expected that the buyer will pay a really large amount because of the fact that something similar will not come to the market soon. That automatically means a premium amount paid.

Mansion Privately Marketed

The Rutland Gate

The most expensive home in Great Britain has 45 bedrooms and was built as 4 houses. Eventually, it turned into a mansion. There is a swimming pool, many elevators and industrial kitchens you will love, together with a really small list of people that can actually afford the property.

It is obvious that the very expensive, luxury homes have a certain appeal and finding a buyer that is willing to pay the associated premium will not be a problem. However, we will most likely not know much about who will make the payment after the sale is completed. This is due to the fact that such properties are rarely advertised soon after the sale is made. It is something that has to be understood. The private marketing is obviously bringing in this result.

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This is the most expensive home for sale in Great Britain and we will wait for a long time until something similar appears.

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