The World’s Most Expensive Gardens

When thinking about gardens, most people do not actually think about something that is really expensive. This is not actually the case since some of the gardens will cost so much more than you may imagine. It is rare to see them but they do exist.

Instead of thinking about all the expensive gardens, we will just focus on 2, those that are the most expensive in the world.

Ace Of Diamonds Garden

Ace Of Diamonds Garden

This garden costs over 31 million dollars and it is the most expensive garden that ever existed. It appeared at the 2010 Chelsea Flower Show, an annual event that is appreciated by all plant lovers from all around the world, lasting 5 days during May. This show highlights some wonderful vegetable and floral gardens and there is even a great choice of tree exhibits.

The Ace Of Diamonds garden was created by David Domoney. It is a great combination of precious gems and plant life. You will find many plants that are named after jewelry and jewelry that is inspired by some plants. Because of the jewelry, the cost of the garden went way high. Just one of the pieces was $5 million, a blue diamond based daisy shaped ring.

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Leonardslee Garden

Leonardslee Garden

Leonardslee Garden only costs $7.62 but it is still highly impressive. The property is 225 acres and features wonderful flower gardens, waterfalls, rare trees, lakes and wallabies. Gardens featured here will present various interesting delights like magnolias, azaleas, camellias and rhododendrons, together with many wallabies of different species.

The Leonardslee Garden has been in the ownership of the Loder family ever since the year 1889 and for 101 years it has been open to the visitors. However, in the year 2010 the garden was sold for the price mentioned above. The buyer was anonymous. Public access was discontinued then.

While there are no plans to re-open the garden, it may happen in the future. The Loder family has been selling many properties of a really high value for a long time but this garden does make a unique list as the second most expensive garden ever.

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