How To Choose The Very Best Bed Sheets

When it comes to bed sheets, we all want the very best. The problem is many just buy the most expensive bed sheets they find. Remember that expensive is not necessarily high quality. Fortunately, choosing the very best bed sheet is not that difficult. You just have to think about a few things and your choice is going to automatically be a lot better, no matter the interior design you want in your bedroom.

Thread Count

Most people think that thread count is vital but this is not entirely correct. Thread count is basically a barometer for the durability and smoothness of the bed sheet. The measurement is not always something that is reliable. It is practically how many threads are woven into one fabric square inch. A high thread count stands out as being really important but it can be the highest possible and not make a great buy when cotton type is not suitable.

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Quality Cotton

The very best option you can find on the market at the moment is 100% Egyptian cotton. This is what you should opt for first. Then, we have 100% prima cotton, which is normally referred to with the Supima trademark name. When you see that the label just states “100% cotton”, it is basically just a less expensive, rougher cotton variety.

The long fibers of Egyptian cotton create sheets that are very strong, long-lasting, sumptuous and thin. Shorter fibers you find in upland cotton tends to poke out of weave so the fabric is weaker, coarser. Prima cotton is quite soft and a queen set will not set you down much, just around $200. Egyptian cotton bed sheets on the other hand can be found on the market at around $500.

Sateen Or Percale?

This is one question that many ask these days. The choice is normally up to personal taste. Percale is plain, matte weave. It has a cool, crisp feel so it is a great choice for those that normally end up being overheated as they sleep. When looking at sateen, it is soft and heavier, with a smooth, lustrous finish. When not being sure of what to choose from these two, find fabric swatches that are on display so that you can go have a simple touch test.

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Cheaper Options For Your Spare Set

If you just want to buy a cheaper set that is to be used as a spare or for guests, the “Easy Care” labeled cotton-polyester blend is definitely a smart choice. It has strong resistance to frequent washings. The suitable blend to consider is 90/10. It looks quite crisp while being cozy and soft. No matter what you do, never go over 30% synthetic. Those bed sheets are not going to feel great at all and sleeping in them automatically guarantees you are going to sweat.

Read Reviews

Nowadays, there are reviews written about anything online. This does include bed sheets. If you still do not know what bed sheets to choose after you consider the 4 factors above, just read some reviews before buying. Just do not sacrifice quality as you want to have a good night’s rest. Your sheets are paramount for that.

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