9 Luxury Bathroom Improvements That Will Turn Your Bathroom Into an Oasis

There’s something luxurious and inviting about having a bathroom that looks straight out of a magazine. From heated floors to an eye-catching statement tub, there are numerous ways you can add luxury to your bathing …

There’s something luxurious and inviting about having a bathroom that looks straight out of a magazine. From heated floors to an eye-catching statement tub, there are numerous ways you can add luxury to your bathing area.

Luxurious upgrades don’t need to be costly upgrades – try some of these simple yet effective luxury bathroom improvements instead.

1. Upgrade Your Exhaust Fan

Installing an exhaust fan in your bathroom is one of the best upgrades that you can make, as it will reduce humidity levels in the room, helping prevent peeling paint or any other forms of damage to the walls or flooring. A quality fan with quiet operation will do wonders in protecting against peeling paint or any other issues related to humidity build-up in the space.

The best models come equipped with LED lights to illuminate a space, while there are even options that can sense moisture levels in a room and turn themselves on or off accordingly. When installing an exhaust fan in Sarasota, please contact a master electrician for help.

Though many consider tubs a necessity, soaker tubs can add a spa-like experience to any bathroom. Choose from various tub materials – cast iron and copper tubs provide excellent heat retention longer than acrylic or porcelain options – and even consider installing an end wall fireplace!

2. Upgrade Your Flooring

Additions can make any bathroom feel luxurious. One effective way is investing in beautiful lighting; decorative chandeliers, drop lights and focused or dimmed lighting will all provide instantaneous upgrades for any bath space.

Installation of under-tile floor heating can also add warmth to your bathroom space instantly, with just the flip of a switch. Plus, this simple upgrade can even be programmed so it turns on before you wake up so when you step out of the shower you are welcomed with toasty tiles underfoot!

Luxury vinyl flooring (LVP) is an ideal choice for bathrooms as it is waterproof, stylish, and easy to keep free of mold and bacteria. LVP comes in various textures, patterns, and colors that suit every design style; try charcoal herringbone or hexagon patterns for a modern touch or opt for wood-look tile that mimics real hardwood but is more robust.

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3. Add a Backlit Mirror or Medicine Cabinet

Lighting plays an integral part in luxury bathroom design. Lighting should provide ample illumination during both morning showers and relaxing baths alike; ambient, task, and accent lights can all add visual interest while helping achieve this aim. For optimal results it is wise to include multiple forms of illumination. Ambient is ideal for general illumination while task lights should focus specifically on tasks like shaving or applying makeup and accent lights can add pops of color or visual interest in an otherwise neutral room.

Addition of a backlit mirror or medicine cabinet is the perfect way to bring elegance into any room in your home. A framed mirror adds layers and balances out straight lines commonly found in modern bathrooms.

As another option, why not invest in a recessed mirrored medicine cabinet equipped with LEDs to illuminate your vanity? They come in various styles and finishes – stainless steel, brass and chrome to match existing fixtures and accessories in your bathroom – with Blum soft-closing hinges and an interior mirror back wall.

4. Add a Statement Mirror

Mirrors are essential components to your bathroom space, with their right size and placement making a dramatic impact on how the room appears. Mirrors can make the space seem larger, brighter, and opulent while statement mirrors can highlight unique finishes or features in your space; positioning a freestanding bath in front of a large mirror draws the eye while elevating it beyond traditional spaces.

Mirrors can add an air of luxury and sophistication to modern spaces by creating the illusion of double vanity storage space. By hanging two mirrors side-by-side, two can create the look of doubled storage capacity without compromising aesthetics.

If you want to elevate the experience of your bathroom renovation, investing in a high-quality mirror with features like defogging and integrated frame lighting will elevate it while saving both time and energy in terms of cleaning costs.

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5. Add a Chair or Bench

An elegant bathroom chair or bench can add an eye-catching element that is sure to wow guests. It is an affordable way of elevating your design, adding some luxurious charm into this important room in your home.

Selecting the perfect tub for your luxury bathroom is key to creating the ideal aesthetic. Metals such as copper, cast iron and brass are known for both their aesthetic appeal as well as their heat retention abilities – making them excellent choices.

Installing a walk-in closet to your luxury bathroom is both stylish and functional, allowing you to keep clothing accessible while saving space in your bedroom. A small upholstered seat in one corner of the tub adds style and comfort for an affordable touch of class.

6. Add Art

Your bathroom upgrades come in many forms, but for something extra luxurious consider installing a statement tub or freestanding bath. Add in features like programmable shower heads or waterfall faucets to further elevate the experience in your space.

Making your bathroom feel luxurious is simple by adding art and other decorative pieces. There is wall art suitable for every style, plus accessories like wooden shelf ladders that help tie everything together.

Before beginning to plan the decor of your bathroom, it is essential to first understand its intended use. Will you use it exclusively or will others visit regularly? Knowing this will determine which materials and storage solutions you should include for optimal luxury bathroom remodel success! Once this information is in hand, your luxury bathroom remodel project can get underway!

7. Add Blooms and Greenery

Blooms and greenery can quickly elevate a luxury bathroom. Display them on a floating shelf, use an artificial arrangement near pottery or the bathtub – these design details add natural beauty while heightening our senses of smell and touch.

Houseplants can be an easy and affordable way to transform any bathroom into a luxurious space. Select an exquisite green plant that complements the colors in your room’s decor and place it in a decorative planter to elevate its visual impact in the room.

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An essential step in designing a luxurious bathroom is hiring the appropriate contractor. Take time to research and compare contractors before making your selection; doing your due diligence will result in much happier results if you take this approach. Once the project is underway, regularly inspect its progress so as to ensure everything meets your standards.

8. Add a Custom Vanity

A vanity focal point is an integral component of every luxury bathroom. Depending on your design preferences, choose between wall-mounted vanities with cabinets or drawers for storage or floating vanities that mount to the wall; antique dressers with open spaces make great modern vanity choices too! A custom-made vanity may cost more, but will provide a one-of-a-kind, clean aesthetic; for cheaper pre-made options remove backsplash and side splash slabs to make sure it suits you perfectly.

Mood lighting can help transform your bathroom into an oasis of relaxation. Carefully placed lights will set the mood and draw the eye to luxurious features like your statement free-standing tub or other luxurious items. Furthermore, adding heated floors may add another level of comfort after taking a bath or shower – and make getting up just that much simpler!

9. Add Storage

If your bathroom lacks storage, add cabinets or drawers to help organize it more effectively and make finding what you need easier. Doing this can create an attractive, modern aesthetic while making life simpler when looking for specific items.

Bathroom essentials can quickly accumulate. A large cabinet above or behind your vanity can help keep items you use frequently organized; get creative by using open shelves or baskets to organize towels or toilet paper!

Make your bathroom luxurious by upgrading lighting, tub and sink options, as well as investing in luxurious remodeling services from us today – we’re happy to answer any queries and work together on creating the ideal space! We look forward to helping you transform your space!