5 Fashionable Design Approaches For Large Open Plan Living Spaces

Creating cozy open plan living spaces is not at all difficult these days as so much inspiration is available for everyone that needs it. Connecting living rooms with other areas is one trend that keeps growing at the moment and this is done in dozens of ways. Experimentation is possible with any oversized design, adding statement furniture, large scale design, bold wall art or even soft furnishing fabrics.

The open plan space needs to work well so you can create various zones intended for different activities and all furniture can be used in a highly clever way in order to create area break up regions. For instance, storage cabinets can be utilized as highly effective room dividers. If you want to create open living areas that are perfect for family gatherings or relaxation, L-shaped, modular sofas or stylish armchairs are popular.

These are basically common ideas but let’s move on for some that are less popular but highly fashionable.

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The All White Living Space

When you mix different furniture types you will often end up with a space that is way too busy. If you are interested in relaxing ambience, go for the same color palette in 2 parts so that the designs can be connected. Utilize light wood finishes like birch and maple to gain a feeling of more space.

Adding Oversized Patterns

Oversized patterns can be really great in open space living rooms and a great way to take advantage of this is to use a rug with these patterns. They would be really effective when you want to add some interest to the furnishings that are minimal. Try to add a coffee table, some contemporary chairs and an oversized pattern based rug to create a fashionable space. Wall of windows would be perfect when using some oversized patterns.

Use Cushions And Statement Artwork

Combine paired-back neutrals with muted whites to brighten a space. This is normally not recommended as the cooler shades would make the rooms seem clinical and sterile but you can spice everything up with the addition of bold cushions and statement wall art pieces.

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Use Bold Furniture And Bold Wallpaper In Seating Spaces

When you create an open living space scheme for a seating region, try to go out of the box. You can feature some contrasting furniture and wallpaper that create interest in considered scheme. When you have a large enough living room you can be braver and you can decorate the entire room as you add some sort of statement print. How about choosing a butterfly or flower design?

Create Designated Floor Space Zones

Open plan living space design is not always effective. In order for it to be effective you want a room to be divided in various zones, all purposed for activities. That can be done with ease when you look at the floor. Use various patterns and designs in order to complement the reason why the zone exists. Add suitable furniture and remain based on designated zones to create a fashionable effect.

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