Using Marble in Bathrooms

Marble adds an elegant touch to any bathroom, whether on its floors, walls or vanity top. However, some homeowners may be wary of the maintenance requirements associated with natural stones like marble. Asleson suggests that …

Marble adds an elegant touch to any bathroom, whether on its floors, walls or vanity top. However, some homeowners may be wary of the maintenance requirements associated with natural stones like marble.

Asleson suggests that as long as homeowners are properly educated on how to clean and care for marble surfaces, there should be no hesitation about choosing this elegant option. Marble works especially well when combined with warm wood tones such as in this design by Mary Patton Design.

Calacatta Borghini

Calacatta Borghini marble will add a luxurious feel to any home, coveted due to its intricate veining patterns. Used since antiquity for sculptures, buildings, monuments and more throughout Italy’s Carrara region.

This type of marble stands out with its creamy white hues and grey-gold veining. It makes an excellent choice for bathroom vanity tops, backsplashes and other home surfaces; stain and etch-proof properties mean it doesn’t easily stain or etch either – although sealing should be performed to help prevent further damage to this marble material.

As you select the ideal shade of Calacatta marble for your home, keep aesthetic and color scheme in mind when choosing which hue to go for. Calacatta Gold marble works well with many color palettes including wood floors and cabinets; stainless steel appliances as well as other modern fixtures make for an appealing combination that makes an excellent addition to minimalist kitchens or bathrooms.

Calacatta Venato marble offers another popular shade, boasting darker tones with dramatic veining that works beautifully in contemporary bathrooms and adds interest against an otherwise monochromatic backdrop. With deep grey veining adding depth, Calacatta Venato brings life and vibrancy into an otherwise stark white space.

These marbles all possess distinct properties, so be sure to consult with your fabricator about which options would work best for your project. Calacatta marble can be honed or polished for different textures and finishes, so it is essential that the appropriate finish be selected for your space. In order to protect its integrity against stains or etching, all natural stones should also be sealed as part of their care routine.

Calacatta marble will last decades when cared for properly and look stunning in any room of the house, provided its care and maintenance requirements are understood. Seal your Calacatta marble countertops once every month to protect against water or spillage, while using cleaner designed for natural stone rather than acidic cleaners such as lemon juice or tomato as they may damage or discolour its surface.

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White Carrara marble is an ideal way to achieve a contemporary bathroom design, quarried in Italy and known for its gorgeous color and delicate vein patterns. Used often in countertops, backsplashes and flooring it looks especially striking when combined with sleek fixtures and fittings from contemporary brands. You could also consider accent lighting that highlights this beautiful material for more dramatic effect.

For a rustic or traditional bathroom design, use honed or tumbled marble tiles for the walls and floor to give the room an earthier, natural appearance. Pair these tiles with wooden cabinetry or furniture to achieve classic and timeless charm, then incorporate metal and wood accent pieces as contrast pieces for added detail and visual interest. Marble works well with various other materials as well, so feel free to experiment with different finishes and textures.

White Carrara marble can be an elegant addition to any home when maintained properly, lasting decades with proper care and adding lasting elegance. However, proper care must be taken by using quality sealers specifically formulated for marble surfaces as well as regularly cleaning counters and floors using non-abrasive cleaners. When not in use you should cover them to protect them from water or stain damage.

Marble can also add luxury and elevate the look of your bathroom by using it as a threshold for your shower or bathtub. Marble thresholds are more durable than other materials like wood or resin and won’t rot or corrode over time when exposed to moisture, adding subtle luxury.

At first, homeowners may be intimidated by using marble in their bathrooms due to maintenance concerns; however, Asleson suggests that as long as proper care is taken with its maintenance, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make your White Carrara Marble bathroom an eye-catching focal point in years to come!

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Marble bathrooms can be the epitome of luxury if you don’t mind the upkeep needed to maintain its glossy surface and keep it looking like new. This natural stone can be used on floors, countertops, shower walls and walls and comes in various colors that will perfectly complement any design style you are pursuing for your bathroom design – from Calacatta Gold marble for creating contemporary spaces like Calacatta Gold marble enclaves or more traditional spaces with Emperado marble; whatever style suits your taste there’s sure to be one perfect for your design scheme!

Crema marfil limestone features a creamy hue with soft veining that makes it an elegant choice for bathrooms in Plano, TX. This stone pairs well with wood, stainless steel and other neutral tones while also coordinating well with many other materials like quartz and granite. To save money when designing with marble consider pairing it with faux materials (such as quartz or granite that look like marble) in high traffic areas like floors and countertops while using real marble in low traffic spots like tub surrounds and shower walls.

Nothing screams elegance like a marble bathroom. If you are willing to undertake the upkeep and expenses associated with such an investment, marble can transform your entire shower area, vanity table and walls – from classic white and modern black marble options all the way through to combination designs with other natural stones for truly distinctive results.

Though marble can be dangerously slippery when highly polished, for your own safety it’s wise to opt for a matte or honed finish instead of glossy when selecting marble for shower floors and non-slip rugs on bathroom floors.

If you want the charm and sophistication of marble in your bathroom but are concerned with maintenance or budgetary constraints, there are still ways to incorporate this stunning natural stone. One way is decorative mosaics on walls or single tiles; mosaic patterns can even be created in various shapes according to personal taste or the overall theme of your room.


Quartz is an artificial material, yet extremely resilient and popular in bathrooms today. Quartz comes in various colors and patterns–such as speckled or marble designs–making it suitable to match nearly any color scheme in a bathroom, while also being easy to maintain and clean. Furthermore, its heat resistance, stain resistance, scorch resistance, scorch scorch resistance and mold resistance makes it perfect for use in areas like bathrooms where harsh chemicals like bleach may be spilled over.

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It is essential when purchasing quartz for your home that you work with a reliable manufacturer in order to receive the highest-grade product available. A reputable company will stand behind its products and offer warranties to their customers. Also keep in mind that sudden temperature changes can damage quartz; thus any high-heat appliances like hair straighteners or curling wands should be placed on heat resistant mats for best results. Finally, prolonged sunlight exposure can cause the pigment in quartz to fade over time, so be mindful if your bathroom features large windows and how much natural light it receives before purchasing quartz!

Quartz countertops may be costly, but their long-term durability makes them worthwhile. Unfortunately, however, installation may be challenging with seams being visible if used in larger spaces.

Some designers prefer the natural movement and texture of natural stone countertops while others rely on the consistency offered by quartz. Engineered quartz that looks like marble may also be available, providing another long-term option.

Although quartz counters are naturally stain-resistant, they must still be periodically sealed to maintain their integrity and preserve a fresher, cleaner appearance. This step is particularly necessary in kitchen environments where liquids have more of a chance to seep into porous materials like granite. Sealing regularly will add an extra step towards maintaining durability as well as creating an updated, uniform look in your space.

Engineered quartz comes in various colors, but white remains the most popular. White can help create a minimalist bathroom aesthetic or offset dark-colored tiles. Some manufacturers even offer quartz with unique textures like dramatic veins or fine grains for added interest. If you want something exotic try green, red, or blue quartz as they blend nicely with neutral tiles for a cohesive look.