Top 10 Ways to Increases Your Home Value

Top 10 Ways to Increases Your Home Value

Resale value is what a homeowner would think of when they move. Given the present market scenario, a home remodeling might seem pricey task to do, but there are few tricks that can save you from the pitfall to finish your remodeling efficiently.


1. Add More Rooms

If you are having an attic space or a basement try to use it as additional rooms increase the property value. You can also add an extra bathroom if there is a room for it.


2. Extended Patio/Sun Room

It is evident that more the number of rooms, better is the property value. Extend out your room onto your patio to create a conservatory room or a sun room. You can add few design chairs and table to make it a breakfast room.


3. Remodel Your Kitchen

You don’t have to remodel an entire house during home improvement to increase its value. Remodeling mostly used spaces such as kitchens will significantly increase the property value. A kitchen remodel can be simply done by painting the cabinets with new neutral color, stylish handles and attractive tap fittings.

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Photographs by Gnangarra… [CC-BY-2.5-au], via Wikimedia Commons

If you can make an investment to tear out the kitchen and put it together with new accessories and paints, it certainly would make the kitchen look fresh and updated which also increases the value of the property, significantly.


4. New Paint

A fresh new paint will make the room look more lively. You can repaint your living, kitchen or bedroom and make the home look new


5. Combine Spaces

When it’s a small house, you may feel the rooms are smaller and darker. Knock down a wall to make more space and create an open plan feel. At times you can combine general areas such as kitchen and living rooms.


6. Greenery

First impression is the best impression. Create some greenery by adding plants outside the house to make it look attractive for the buyers. If buyers did not like the house from outside, they mostly won’t like to see inside

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7. Patio Addition

If you have a lawn space or garden in your back, but no patio, it is suggested to add one. Patio addition is cost-effective and quick that increases the value of your home.


8. Brighten Your House

There are dark places in any home. Brighten such places by placing a lamp or using a lighting fixture. A well-lit room always gives a pleasant impression.


9. Renew the Old

It is suggested to upgrade your boiler or radiator when they get old. These are the minute details a potential buyer would look to avoid unwanted hassles. Another suggested upgrade would be adding some solar panels or remove the radiators completely and opt for heated flooring.


10. Steady Flooring

Often you overlook the uneven flooring and frayed floors as you get used to it, but it is an instant turn-off for a potential buyer. It is budget friendly to install a sleek wooden flooring or take up the carpets. Even if your home is well furbished, wrong flooring will decrease its value

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