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What to Do About a Gopher Problem

Have mounds of dirt started to pop up all over the place in your yard? If so, then you, my friend, might have a gopher problem on your hands. Gophers are medium-sized rodents that are known for digging holes and tunnels all over the place. And they can really wreak havoc on your yard if you […]


4 Tell-Tale Signs of a Rodent Infestation in Your Home

No matter where you live, your home could be vulnerable to a rodent infestation. A small colony of six mice can expand to 60 mice in three months. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to deter mice from entering your home. For example, by eliminating food and water sources and cleaning up clutter, mice […]


Identifying a Rodent Problem In Your Home

Creatures may stop stirring in the night for the once-yearly visit of Ol Saint Nick but the rest of the time they are getting busy. Busty eating scraps of food, tearing holes in walls, consuming wires, and well, making more beady-eyed progeny to continue the trend. How do you know if you have a rodent […]