How to Create a Spa Bathroom

When designing a spa bathroom, it’s essential to use soothing colors and luxurious materials. Add a dash of nature with faux or real greenery (faux is fine!), promote wellness through self-care practices such as meditation …

When designing a spa bathroom, it’s essential to use soothing colors and luxurious materials. Add a dash of nature with faux or real greenery (faux is fine!), promote wellness through self-care practices such as meditation or yoga and declutter surfaces for an uncluttered appearance.

Add an extra luxurious touch with a bath rack that holds books and drinks while relaxing in the tub, as well as a bath pillow to support back and neck discomfort while you unwind in it.

Natural Light

Lighting can often be overlooked when designing bathrooms, yet its effect on spa-like atmospheres cannot be underestimated. Instead of depending on candles or other unreliable forms of low lighting to create an inviting bathing ambiance, install dimmable vanity lights featuring decorative Edison bulbs or LED strips that glow from your mirror frame for a modern aesthetic. You could also select bathroom lights with lower color temperatures that mimic natural sunlight or ones with cool blue tones for your morning soaks.

Ambient mood lighting creates a soothing, tranquil experience in any spa bathroom, offering millions of colors from which to select and create the exact atmosphere you’re after. For task lighting purposes such as grooming tasks like shaving and makeup application, consider recessed or vanity fixtures equipped with backlit features that eliminate shadows for optimal results.

Accent lighting draws the eye towards specific features in your bathroom, such as this luxury spa bathroom’s wood soaking tub. A framed piece of art also adds luxurious details – consider black-and-white prints or nature-inspired paintings for added opulence or tropical houseplants that thrive in humid environments such as ferns or ZZ plants for tropical flair!

Glass Soap Dispensers

Soap dispensers add a modern flair to any bathroom and help reduce clutter by hiding away bar soaps. Common materials used for these dispensers include stainless steel, ABS plastic or glass – each boasting different advantages in terms of moisture damage resistance and ease of cleaning; with stainless steel being particularly resistant against moisture damage while ABS plastic has an easy-to-clean glossy surface finish and glass being elegant yet minimalist; no rusting or corrosion occurs within it either, making for quick cleanup!

Match the style of your soap dispenser to other glass bath accessories to achieve an aesthetically pleasing look. If your light fixture features bulb shades with organic curves, try selecting a glass soap dish with similar characteristics – you could also find toothbrush holders and tumblers in various colors to coordinate perfectly with almost any aesthetic.

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If you want to add an eco-friendly touch to your bathroom, repurposing old bottles or jars into stylish soap dispensers is one easy way. Simply wash and add pumps from hardware stores; these pieces become stylish pieces as functional decor pieces! There are metal pumps in all styles from rustic brushed finishes to bright chrome tones; or find vintage mason jars with metal lids for an antique touch!

Amazon’s Spa-Inspired Bath Accessories storefront can help you easily make more cost-effective updates to your space at a fraction of the cost of full renovation. Simple swaps like rattan tissue box covers or apothecary jars that double as decor can quickly enhance the space.

Soft Robes

As people think of hotels and resorts, a spa-style bathrobe often springs to mind first. This thicker and more absorbent version makes them perfect for after a shower or dip in the pool; they come in various styles such as classic terry cloth to plush micro-fleece options for added relaxation.

Before choosing a robe, think about who will be using it and their desired experience. There are different robe styles designed specifically for men, women, children and infants as well as different sizes; and also consider whether long or short is desired along with whether kimono style vs hooded options are desired.

terry cloth robes are one of the most widely-sold hotel-style robes, making them highly versatile in both winter and summer climates. Available with various thread counts and weight options to meet different preferences, it’s also easy to locate multiple colors of this style of robe.

If you’re in search of lightweight comfort, look no further than the Eberjey Gisele Robe. Crafted from soft stretchy modal blend fabric with contrast piping and pockets, this stylish piece will transport you right back to tropical vacation memories while being practical enough for everyday home use as well. Plus, thanks to its lightweight yet compact design, you could even bring it along on beach trips thanks to its convenient lightweight compactness!

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Slatted Wooden Mat

Not like cloth bath mats that absorb moisture and foster mold growth, this slatted wooden mat encourages water to drain quickly and naturally. Constructed from hard wood like teak or bamboo which naturally resists mildew as well as being treated with anti-mildew oils to extend its longevity, it features open slats for extra drainage and traction on wet feet.

Wood for this slatted mat comes from Okawa Hinoki Workshop in Japan, where skilled artisans craft products in harmony with nature. Hinoki cypress releases an aromatic fragrance when wet, providing a relaxing scent when this mat is placed down on it. Furthermore, Tosaryu uses sustainable business practices by using all parts of each tree’s wood – from oil-rich heartwood and sapwood all the way down to roots!

Tosaryu’s bath mat is carefully heat-dried until humidity levels meet their ideal level and then coated in clear, water-repellant lacquer for protection from fading and water spots. If desired, teak oil can also be applied directly onto its wooden material surface to extend its lifespan further.

Wood bath mats might take some getting used to, but we love their clean, modern aesthetic! If you want to make your bathroom even more relaxing and rejuvenating, try adding Asian-inspired decor pieces or simply investing in more storage solutions – like glass apothecary jars for cotton balls or wicker baskets to hold rolled hand towels rolled neatly away into drawers or shelves. Homefulness’ professional organisers can help find creative storage solutions so your space remains clutter-free while looking fantastic.

Swap Out the Shower Curtain

Imagined spa bathrooms conjure images of decadent comfort: fluffy robes and soft cotton towels for lounging around, fragrant candles emitting soothing aromas, soothing music lulling us to sleep – every element works together harmoniously for an exquisite experience.

Replicating the spa bathroom aesthetic at home begins with simple designs and clean lines. Opt for glass soap and lotion dispensers instead of plastic ones to elevate the aesthetic, and opt for rounded vanity mirrors to complement their gentle curves. To take it one step further, upgrade to one equipped with waterfall showerheads for a luxurious finishing touch.

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Fluffy and luxuriously soft bath towels are essential components of a spa bathroom experience, and should be displayed in a neat rolled formation instead of being stacked on shelves or racks ($165 at Bed Bath & Beyond). Extra towels may be kept handy by keeping some in a basket or on an overhead warmer rack ($165, Bed Bath & Beyond).

Crafting the ideal spa bathroom can be as straightforward or intricate as desired. From installing some upgrades to doing an overhaul, your finished result will provide you with a tranquil oasis where you’ll love spending time.

Stash Fresh Bath Towels

Have you ever experienced the luxurious feeling of staying in a hotel room with luxuriously soft striped bath towels, or seen your friend’s perfectly folded guest towels rolled and ready for use, folded neatly rolled? A well-organized bathroom can create that spa atmosphere; invest in premium-quality Turkish cotton towels which are fluffier, softer, longer-lasting than terry cloth and consider installing an electric towel rack into your bathroom to warm them quickly dry faster and also prevent mildew and mold growth.

Fold your new towels in thirds for optimal storage on shelves or hang them from the wall – this will create that simple hotel look, keeping them looking their best while remaining in great condition! Doing this will also ensure they last as long as possible.

Your bathroom should also feature matching bath mats and rugs that complement your linens, and towels should be replaced every three uses as they begin to lose absorbency. In order to eliminate odor, consider washing the same linens every laundering cycle to minimize their potential smell. Bamboo, jute and coir towels tend to smell the cleanest; other great choices are towel made of natural materials with long staple fibers like bamboo. Bringing organic elements from nature like these organic pieces add texture, visual interest or complete the Zen-like aesthetic of any bathroom design project!