How Garage Upgrades Improve Home Value

A garage can be an essential feature of a home that serves multiple functions – including storage and workshop areas. But an unsuitable garage may deter prospective buyers from purchasing your property. Garage upgrades can …

improve home value

A garage can be an essential feature of a home that serves multiple functions – including storage and workshop areas. But an unsuitable garage may deter prospective buyers from purchasing your property. Garage upgrades can easily improve home value.

Real estate experts believe a well-organized and up-to-date garage can add significant value to a home. Here are a few tips to improve its worth:


Homeowners in Pennsylvania’s Main Line looking to boost resale value often consider remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms; however, garages also contribute significantly.

An affordable garage makeover with fresh paint can have a dramatic effect. New coats of color can cover flaws while giving the entire space an update – providing a quick way to improve its appearance.

Painting concrete floors will help seal them and stop dust from seeping into the home, which can reduce allergens while increasing the resale value by making buyers more comfortable in their new homes. Polyurethane paint is an easy choice that’s durable against oil, grease, and chemicals; typically costing about $90 per can.

Add Shelves

Garage storage shelves keep everything from paint cans to tools off of the floor and make it easier to locate what you’re searching for, while simultaneously making the space appear cleaner and more organized. They automatically improve home value.

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When purchasing shelving units, take into account their overall dimensions–width, depth, and height–as well as how much weight they can support. Wall-mounted models should be fixed to studs rather than sitting directly on concrete floors. In general, longer lengths work better in larger garages while tight spaces may benefit from vertical space-saving models that make use of vertical space more efficiently.

Plain wooden shelves improve home value and are budget-friendly and simple to assemble, even for beginners with no DIY experience. Use a level and drill to locate the studs where the shelf boards will go before securing them with 3″ screws for extra support and strength. Adding 2x4s on either side will further strengthen and stabilize them for maximum stability and support.

Keep your shelves from becoming overburdened with out-of-season items or sports equipment, especially if potential buyers see bins and plastic swimming pools stacked high – this could send the wrong message about whether there’s enough room for their belongings and reduce their value. According to Atlanta realtor Erika Lewis, opting for less living space rather than expanding your garage sends the wrong signal and could drastically lower its worth.

Add a Workbench

If you’re planning to sell or just upgrade the value of your home, garage upgrades can make a dramatic difference. Not only do well-organized garages look nicer; but they also keep items off the floor which reduces potential damage while keeping family members safer.

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Installing a workbench in your garage is an effective and simple way to transform it into a more useful space. A dedicated work area will appeal to buyers interested in using it for woodworking, DIY projects, or electronics tinkering; additionally, a pegboard to hold tools will increase its utility further.

Workbenches can be purchased and installed easily, but those who prefer saving money can also build one themselves using this guide from Lifehacker. They’ll show how it’s done using just a few basic materials like pegboard, wood panels, and door hinges.

Insulating your garage could take your upgrade one step further and increase family use all year long, making the space even more appealing and boosting the value of your home while increasing energy efficiency. Insulation upgrades don’t have to be expensive either – consider how insulating can save energy costs when combined with adding insulation! Insulating will keep the space warm during winter and cool in summer; appealing features for families looking for all-year-round use of their space. This relatively affordable addition can have a profound effect on home value while simultaneously increasing overall energy efficiency!

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Install Storage

Garages may seem like simple storage areas for vehicles, but they’re also one of the most versatile areas in any house, making garage improvements one of the greatest ways to increase home value. According to AZCentral, making this area more functional can increase property values as much as upgrading a kitchen would do.

Installation of efficient storage solutions will have a major effect on your garage, signaling to potential buyers that all areas are similarly well-kept and organized. Locking cabinets provide a great way to keep tools and other potentially hazardous items safely stored while eliminating clutter from your space.

Garage Living suggests upgrading from concrete flooring with attractive and long-lasting PVC tiles that snap together without glue, making them suitable for use in all temperatures and climate conditions. Another value-enhancing improvement would be epoxy coatings or polyurea polyaspartic coatings which can be applied within one day, and come in various colors.

Expanding the size of your garage is one way to boost its value; however, this may not always be possible due to neighborhood covenants and restrictions. If you decide to expand, be sure to check local ordinances first before building anything beyond a three-car capacity.