Always Create A Home Cleaning Schedule And Stick To It!

Home cleaning is a lot more time consuming than what we tend to think at first glance. That is especially true in the event that a lot of time passed since the last time you cleaned. Try your best to create a schedule and stick to it. You will soon notice the fact that cleaning takes a lot less time.

The big problem is creating that home cleaning schedule. You need to adapt to what takes more time but we will present a general timetable that can help you in creating your very first routine.

Kitchen Cleaning Schedule:Man Doing The Housework

  • Wipe down and clean the sink – Take care of all dirty dishes, use a dishwasher if present and use a sponge to wipe your sink.
  • Wipe down stoves and countertops – Spills and splatters can be cleaned with all purpose cleansers and damp sponges or cloths.
  • Wipe floor problem spots – A full floor mop can easily be used during the weekend for this task but it is a good idea to try to clean any sticky spot or spill as soon as you see it since these do have a tendency to attract dirt.
  • Dish towel cleaning – A lot of people forget about this but the dish towels should be cleaned at least one time per week. Make sure that they are always clean when hanged or folded anywhere in the kitchen.
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Bathroom Cleaning Schedule

  • Wipe out your sink – Pre-moistened cloths can be used to swipe both the faucet handles and sink bowls. Alternatively, a washcloth or special product like Windex with surface wipes can get the job done right.
  • Clean your mirror – The same cloth or product that you used for the sink can be used for the mirror in most situations, unless otherwise instructed.
  • Wipe your toilet seat – Once again, the same cloth can be used. However, you should always leave the toilet as the last item to clean in your bathroom.
  • Wipe the toilet bowl – Use a brush and scrub any ring you find.
  • Clean the shower door – Make sure to wipe down the glass doors so that water droplets can be removed. Dry towels can be used.
  • Clean the shower and the curtain liner

Bedroom Cleaning Schedule

  • Make the bed
  • Put away the jewelry and hang clothes or fold clothes
  • Take care of your night table surface
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Living Room Cleaning Schedule

  • Tidy up your sofa – The sofa is really important so it needs to be neat. Fold throws and fluff pillows.
  • Use a handheld vacuum to pick up crumbs – Surfaces in plain sight need to be taken into account.
  • Remove fingerprints and wipe cabinets or tables
  • Arrange any magazines or books you have
  • Remove the major clutter

Many other activities might appear and need to be included in home cleaning schedules. You have to take all the time that you may need in order to first figure out exactly what jobs are necessary. That is what is really important and the better the list is, the better the cleaning done!

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