Most Expensive Home Security Systems In USA

Most people will never be able to afford the most expensive home security systems in USA. However, every person out there has a different understanding of the word expensive. One thing that you may not be aware of is that the most expensive security system for a home in the world is not in the US. It is present in Surrey, London.


Expensive Upfront Costs For Home Security Systems

The really expensive home security systems that you can buy in US varies based on the needs that you have. An 8 wireless cameras set, including a DVR recorder can cost up to $3,000. We also have some 16 camera security systems that sell for around $4,000. However, these options are DIY opportunities. You have to be able to install everything yourself.

If you are currently looking for a firm that would do everything for you, we have higher upfront costs. For instance, Ingrid Home Security will charge around $300 upfront for the eight sensors offered. The monthly monitoring fees are quite low at around $30. This marks the most expensive upfront investment home security system.

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Expensive Monthly Service For Home Security Systems

Brinks brings in the highest monthly service price, thus being on the list of the most expensive security systems present. Brinks is a well known industry leader when referring to both home security and business security. You can expect an upfront cost of around $155 for just 3 sensors and the monthly fee is around $32 for monitoring. Most of the large homes will require much more than only three sensors. Monthly payments can easily be added when referring to the add-ons that are possible. Also, the contract has to be signed for a minimum of three years.

Finding Really Expensive Home Security Systems

Now you clearly know how much you need to pay for the home security systems that are really expensive. Do not be tempted to believe that very expensive services are perfect for your home. The quality that you are after is what counts the most at the end of the day. If you really need something expensive, it is something that counts a lot.

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