What Are The Most Expensive Celebrity Homes?

Now this is definitely a top that can end up changing really often. However, at this point in time we do know what the most expensive celebrity homes are. We are quite confident in saying that you will be a little surprised to notice some of the celebrities here. The prices will, most likely, not surprise you much since we can easily imagine how much money some people have.

Jerry Seinfeld – $32 Million

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld made most of his fortune as an actor, TV producer and standup comedian. His mansion costs an impressive $32 million and is located in the wonderful Hamptons, New York. You can easily imagine that there are various facilities that are included like a baseball field, a garage, a guesthouse, a swimming pool and much more. All that we have to say is that the garage is so big that it can easily hold 20 cars.

Billy Joel – $35 Million

billy joel

Just a little bit more than Seinfeld. Joel is a world renowned composer and pianist. This $35 million home is located in Miami Beach, Florida, in La Gorce Island to be more exact. The property covers an impressive 303 thousand square feet. Various amenities are included like a wine cellar, a 4 cars garage, outdoor kitchen, pier, boat slip, patio and a swimming pool.

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Hugh Hefner – $54 Million

hugh hefner

Hefner’s Playboy Mansion was on the top of the list for a very long time and now there are basically 3 other properties that are more expensive. Even so, Hefner manages to have a mansion in Los Angeles, California that is practically filled with playboy models. The home can easily accommodate them. There is basically nothing that this property lacks. It even includes a pet cemetery and a zoo.

Oprah Winfrey – $85 Million

oprah winfrey

Most people from around the world know Oprah. She is famous for so many different things, with her talk show being number 1 for so many years. The home that she built in Montecito, California, stands out as an impressive $85 million. It includes many interesting amenities like 10 fireplaces, 14 bathrooms, a teahouse, a lake with a fish collection, 6 bedrooms and the list can easily continue.

Bill Gates – $147.5 Million

bill gates

Almost the most expensive celebrity home in the world but Microsoft Founder Bill Gates fell just a few millions short. However, this home is tremendous, located in Medina and with various amenities like bowling alley, a state-wide server system, swimming pool and a pin that will offer a visitor the possibility to change various parts of the home experience from music to temperature.

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Aaron Spelling – $150 Million

aaron spelling

Aaron Spelling won the title as he has the most expensive celebrity home in the world. His TV producing work certainly made him earn a lot of money. The mansion right here is 56.000 square feet and is, obviously, built in Los Angeles. There are various amenities offered and luxury is basically a synonym with this home. You have everything that you may want from a skating ring to a modern gym and 3 kitchens.

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