Different Ways to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

What if you are tight on budget and do not want to spend a lot for SPA? You need not worry as there are means of de-stressing in one’s own home.  The simplest way is to convert the home bathroom into a Spa.

A perfect spa is one that can caress and soothe all five sense organs. Let us see how this can be done at home

Sight: The bathroom spa should be visually appealing. As such great care should be taken in selecting the color of the cabinets and other accessories. Neutral and earth tone colors in matte finish are ideal to soothe ones senses. The bathroom design should be simple. Lights used should have dimmer switches to set in the correct mood. Bringing in nature is another way of creating a calming environment. Vases with fresh flowers or some bamboo can set an eco-friendly mood to your home spa. Flowers like rose, lily etc can be used for this purpose. For spacious bathroom, a vanity table and chaise lounge can bring in the spa look. Care should be taken to keep the bathroom neat and clean as this is the pre-requisite for a glamorous spa.

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By Grand Velas Resort
By Grand Velas Resort


Sound:  A portable i-pod player would be ideal for bathroom spa to play soothing and relaxing music or nature sound like that of running water.

Smell: When you think of Spa the first thought that comes to mind would be that of smell. Candles and potpourris are the first choice when it comes to providing aromatic air in the spa. Soft fragrances like lavender, vanilla, lemon etc are the most favored aromas for spa. As for candles, tea light candles, jar candles etc are ideal. Apart from candles and potpourri, fresh flowers and incense sticks can be used to fill the room with calm and freshness.

Taste: Spa is synonymous with complete relaxation including taste buds. But there is nothing wrong in munching something if that is your way of relaxing. Chocolates are the best bet when it comes to spa relaxation.

Touch: Since skin covers all portions of the body, providing a soothing feeling to the skin is of utmost importance. There is nothing more relaxing than warm water dripping through the body. A mini Jacuzzi, massaging shower head all can add up to relaxation. Natural stone flooring can provide a relaxing foot massage. Using glass doors instead of fabric for shower enclosure provides the effect of steam bath. The bathroom spa should have aromatic oil and shampoo to calm your senses.

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The way one decorates the home spa is purely based on personal choice. What can be soothing and relaxing to one may not be so for another. The above tips would definitely guide you through the process of setting up the dream spa at home.

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