How to Design a Modern Bathroom

If you are redesigning your bathroom and you would like it to have a modern effect then you are in luck! Today’s bathroom furnishing market has a wide range of beautiful modern designs that can suit almost any budget, and so today we are going to go through the key features of a modern bathroom to help you get that modern bathroom done to a high standard.


Modern Bathroom designing tips

1.)   Floors

A modern bathroom will have easy to clean, shiny floors and that mean tiles or wood that are in neutral or loud tones. Modern looks are either spacious, empty and cool in colour, accentuating the space, or they are signature looks with bold colour and brave design. Either way, this is easily done with tile or wood. The main aim with a modern bathroom is that you are aiming for a crisp and clear “feel” – which is not achieved by the floor alone, but with everything together as a complete look. Modern flooring colours are often very dark or very light and this can be reflected by tile or wood, although for a bathroom tile is usually a better choice. One thing to consider about wooden floors is the upkeep, floor sanders are often needed in order to keep them looking good.

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2.)   Walls

Modern bathrooms do not have to have tiled walls, although tiled walls are often considered the best type of walls for a modern bathroom. With walls the best way to achieve a modern look is to avoid patterns at all costs, so flowers and squirls will need to go. If a plain wall is too boring for you (and it can be, depending on the size of your bathroom) you can always go for trim. The trim is a colour bit of tile that usually goes through the wall and around a bathroom to set off colours and tones in the room and break up the monotony.


modern bathroom
By Prayitno under CC BY 2.0


3.)   Fixtures

A modern bathroom can have a bath that sis inbuilt or standing alone and again, this will all depend on size and budget. A free standing bath in the center of a tiled bathroom is an amazing look if you can afford it. If you have a smaller bathroom and a smaller budget, an inbuilt bath that appears to be attached and covered in tile will give you a sensation of more space and more light whilst keeping in line with the modern look. Sinks and taps will also benefit from being in the modern shape, which most of the time means oval or square, brass, shiny shapes – often appearing as if they are standing alone and not attached to anything a very nice look indeed.

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4.)   Storage

Invisibility and good storage is a key to a modern bathroom and that often means inbuilt storage spaces that double up as sinks, and mirrors that double up as cabinets. The less you can see in a bathroom, the higher he modernity points are and for this you can use wood, or chrome or any other style as long as it is simple and brings the illusion of space.

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