Benefits Of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Everybody knows how to clean a carpet. It’s not something someone’s taught us how to do; we’ve just seen it and we somehow instinctively know how to do it. Of course, there is a whole …

Everybody knows how to clean a carpet. It’s not something someone’s taught us how to do; we’ve just seen it and we somehow instinctively know how to do it. Of course, there is a whole plethora of factors that can influence the final outcome of the process, such as, oh I don’t know – the materials we use, the fabrics of the carpet, the colors, the nature of the stain and the time that’s passed since the last time we’ve cleaned. If these aspects of carpet cleaning aren’t taken into consideration, we might end up destroying the carpet, which is a bad thing in my book (especially if it’s an expensive carpet or if it has some sentimental value). So, in order to get around all of this, it might be a good idea to employ professional carpet cleaners, you know, the people who are actually getting paid to know everything there is to know about carpet cleaning and to do it flawlessly without the risk of damaging your carpet or loss of color; yeah, those guys. In fact, even carpet manufacturers state that you should hire professional carpet cleaning at least once every 2 months so you can ensure the proper longevity of your carpets (proper maintenance isn’t in the instructions manual, it would seem). Given the fact that you will be paying for professional carpet cleaning services, though, what are the benefits you are receiving and is it really worth it in the end?

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Carpet Cleaning Machine
By William Clifford under CC BY 2.0

The people treating your carpet know what they’re doing

Let’s face it, people, proper carpet cleaning has little to do with wetting the carpet and then scrubbing it with a hard brush for a few minutes, and then rinsing and repeating. It’s much more complex than that and most of us don’t really have an idea how much. Just because it seems simple in general doesn’t make it so. The worst part is that you might be dealing damage over time and not even realize it – your carpet will slowly start to lose its color and the fabrics are going to get weaker until one day it will just tear apart (OK, maybe not as dramatic, but you know I’m right, overall).

Professional carpet cleaning technicians are specially trained in the art of carpet cleaning. They know how to deal with different stains and how to treat various surfaces and fabrics without damaging them. They know what to use and what not to use and they certainly know how to preserve color. If you want to get the best results with zero risk hire professional carpet cleaners is the way to go. And it’s not even all that expensive, either. It costs way less than a new carpet.

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Professionals use professional equipment

Hot water extraction is the most effective method to treat carpets today, but it’s not something you can generally do on your own. This is professional grade equipment, usually operated by professionals. These advanced methods basically guarantee that the results will be stellar while at the same time the risk of damage is minimal.

Furthermore, there are carpets that are “dry clean only”, which means that they should only be dry cleaned (I think this one was pretty obvious, don’t you?). This another professional grade equipment needed and it will definitely bring excellent results.

In the end, no matter what you do, you can’t clean your carpets better than professionals. For your money, you get professional services performed with professional gear and leading to excellent results. If you value your carpet in any way, then I don’t see why you wouldn’t use them. If you don’t, well, I don’t see why would you.

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By Brandon Bradshaw