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Luxury Real Estate in Dubrovnik

Croatia is known for its captivating coastal beauty and longstanding history, which draws both tourists and investors to this stunning coastal city. One way of … Read more


Marble Use in Kitchens

Marble countertops may stain easily and be sensitive to acid, making it unsuitable for busy kitchen environments. Vinegar, tomato sauce and lemon juice can all … Read more

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Luxury Homes in Bordeaux

Bordeaux real estate market is experiencing strong growth and prices are skyrocketing for luxury homes due to limited supply and strong demand from Parisians, according … Read more

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Home Saltwater Pools

Comparative to chlorine pools, saltwater pools are more gentle on skin, eyes and swimsuits; in addition, their maintenance costs are lower while they have reduced … Read more


Avoid These Expensive Roofing Mistakes

Roofs are essential elements of your home, providing shelter from inclement weather while helping maintain an ideal interior temperature. Mistakes during roof installation or care … Read more


Luxury Wood Improvements

the right flooring can add an instant upgrade to the aesthetic of any room in your home, and luxury vinyl plank (LVT/P) and porcelain wood … Read more


How to Create a Spa Bathroom

When designing a spa bathroom, it’s essential to use soothing colors and luxurious materials. Add a dash of nature with faux or real greenery (faux … Read more