What You Need to Know About Window Sealing: Weather Stripping, Insulation, and More

How often do you think about your home’s windows? If you’re like most people, it’s probably not that often. Other than noticing they need an occasional clean, people usually pay little attention to their windows.

As it turns out, this is often a mistake. Your windows help to keep your home at a constant and regular temperature.

Window sealing helps to keep outside air from entering your home while also keeping your filtered air trapped in the house. When this sealing breaks, it causes air leaks in the home. These leaks take a toll on your HVAC system and cause your temperature to fluctuate.

In this article, we’ll give you all the information you need to know about window sealing. Read on to discover more!

Window Seal Repair

Most people don’t think much about their window sealing until it needs replacing or repairs. How do you know if you have a broken window seal? Check for air drafts.

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The purpose of window sealing is to keep air from getting in or out of the house. If you can feel a pocket of air getting through your window, you need window seal repair.

To repair a seal, all you have to do is remove old caulk and glazing. To do this, first, use a caulk softener and scrape it off with a putty knife. Afterward, apply new glazing and caulk.

If your windows face severe repairs, it may be more effective to replace them. If you suspect you need to replace your windows, learn more by clicking here.

Weather Stripping’s Benefits For Window Sealing

One useful practice for reinforcing a window’s seal is to use weather stripping. You’re probably more familiar with weather stripping for doors, which helps to keep outdoor air from leaking through the cracks in your doorway.

A similar resource exists for windows. With weather-stripping, you can prevent outside air from leaking through your window or getting past your seal. It helps to reinforce your window and keep your house at a constant temperature.

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Window Insulation

Another helpful tip for increasing your window energy efficiency is to cover your window interior. Insulating your interior window coverings has several advantages. At night, a simple cover for the glass can significantly reduce heat loss.

If you install window coverings that include additional sealant around the perimeter, you can ward off any drafts and heat loss. This step provides an excellent long-term solution to air leaks.

Additional Tips For Sealing Windows In Winter

Winter is perhaps the least desirable time to face air leaks. As such, people have devised several ways to prevent cold air from infiltrating their homes. One quick method is to cover the windows with heat-shrink film.

You can also buy a temperature sensor to check the temperatures around your windows. This way, you can more accurately identify if cold spots have crept into your home.

Insulate Your Windows Today

Window sealing is essential for keeping your home at regular temperatures. If you notice any drafts coming through your windows, find ways to reinforce or repair your seal. Doing so can save you much time and money.

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