What Is an Extrusion Line?

Extrusion lines are a vital piece of manufacturing equipment. They can produce different types of pipes among other things. The manufacturing industry is responsible for right around 12% of the total American economy.

Many of the goods produced in the manufacturing industry are produced by extrusion lines. Without this vital piece of technology, many of the components we take for granted would be much harder to produce.

But what is an extrusion line and how does it work? Read on to find out the answer to this and so much more.

Parts of an Extrusion Line

Picture an extrusion line as you would a conventional assembly line. There are different pieces of industrial equipment in sequence. Each performs a specific function.

Every extrusion line is different based on the final output it produces. That said, there are some common components that most extrusion lines all have.

In this guide, we’ll break down the parts of a PVC pipe extrusion line. Keep in mind that many types of pipe fittings and pipes can be made with an extrusion line. From PVC pipe to corrugated pipe extrusion lines can craft it all.

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The Twin-Screw Extruder and Die

This is similar to a tool-and-die setup found in many factories. The twin-screw extruder forces raw plastic material through the heated die to produce a pipe shape.

The Vacuum Tank

After the twin-screw extruder and die form the shape of the pipe, the molten plastic heads into the vacuum tank. The pipe will cool and solidify at this point in the production process.

The Cooling Tank

Even after solidifying, the pipe is still too hot to handle. The cooling tank decreases the temperature of the pipe to manageable levels. Without the cooling tank, the pipe or subsequent equipment could be damaged.

The Haul Off Unit

After the pipe has cooled it must be pulled out of the cooling tank and into the cutter. The Haul Off unit’s purpose is to pull the pipe along the assembly line.

The Cutter

The piece of PVC pipe is much too long at this point. The cutter snips it into smaller more appropriate pieces. This makes the pipe better for transporting to the customer.

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The Belling Machine

This machine’s purpose is to fit a socket on the end of the PVC pipe. There are multiple different types and sizes of sockets that this machine is capable of creating. This allows for a high degree of customization for the finished pipe.

Extrusion Lines Are Versatile

No matter what kind of pipe you need to produce, an extrusion line is one of your most important pieces of equipment. Like all industrial pieces of equipment, extrusion lines are expensive and complicated.

Your best bet if you need to manufacture some pipe is to contact an experienced organization that has this type of equipment.

If you need to produce pipe on an industrial scale, find someone who has an extrusion line today. Now you will know what to look for after reading this article. To learn more about other important things, check our site!

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