The Benefits of Adding Skylights In Your Home

The Benefits of Adding Skylights In Your Home

Installing skylights might seem like a pricey project that will only make your house look better without actually giving you real benefits. However, the reality is there are numerous benefits of adding skylights in your home. Consider these benefits before making a decision:

Skylights Brighten Up A Room By Adding Daylight

Small, dark rooms may seem uninviting due to the lack of light and the closed feeling but that can easily change if you install skylights. More daylight automatically means more light in the room and the space will immediately be more inviting and also cozier. Another amazing thing about skylights is that they make small rooms appear bigger and more open.

Skylights Bring Benefits To Your Health

This may sound strange, after all we are talking about a type of windows, but skylights allow natural light to come in and that can have numerous benefits for your health. Exposure to daylight will facilitate the body’s production of vitamin D that will lead to production of serotonin which will make you feel more positive and happy. Most people nowadays are not spending enough time outside and therefor they suffer from vitamin D deficiency that can cause serious health problems over the course of someone’s life. Exposure to natural light was also associated with less stress and a boost in energy levels so having skylights in your office will not only make the room appear bigger and stylish but it will also allow you to work in a healthier environment.

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Skylights Are Energy Efficient And Allow You To Save Money

Energy efficiency is something that gain a lot of attention during the last years. If you are one of those people who want to lessen the impact on the environment, adding a skylight or two in your house is a great idea. Not to mention you will lower the utility bill at the same time because you won’t need to turn on the artificial lights as much as before installing skylights due to the natural light that will come into your home. Having skylights can also mean better ventilation and more fresh air. With proper ventilation you won’t be tempted to turn on the air conditioner all the time during summer months and this also means lowering the utility bill.
Who doesn’t love lower utility bills, right? In some parts of the world having skylights can also mean qualifying for tax credits due to reducing the negative impact on the environment.

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Skylights Give You Privacy And Better Views

If your house is close to your neighbors’ houses, having regular window means you won’t be able to get enough daylight without compromising your privacy. On the other hand, if you install skylight, you won’t face that problem ever again. Plus you will be able to admire the sky anytime you want instead of starring in your neighbor’s yard or, worse, in their house. Most people who have installed skylights in their bedrooms or living rooms say that they love watching the night sky before falling asleep and we have to admit that’s another benefit that can’t be easily ignored.

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