5 Signs You Need New Shingles

You can recover more than 85% of the cost of a new roof when you sell your house. That’s a fact no one can ignore. Go out and take a look at your roof. View it …

You can recover more than 85% of the cost of a new roof when you sell your house. That’s a fact no one can ignore.

Go out and take a look at your roof. View it from the ground or climb your ladder to get a closer look. If there’s an obvious deterioration of your roof it’s time to call the professionals.

Here are 5 signs it’s time to consider getting new shingles:

1. Missing Shingles

Sometimes Mother Nature’s strength becomes more than your roof can handle. Years of heavy rain, snow, and wind cause storm damage. The longer your shingles suffer wear and tear the more likely they crack and rot until there’s nothing left.

Periodically inspect your roof for missing shingles. If not replaced in time, areas of your roof with missing shingles allow water to enter your home. Call a roofing company the moment you notice missing shingles and have them replaced.

2. Buckling or Curling Shingles

Improper installation and excessive moisture in your roof’s underlay cause buckling or curling of shingles. This happens because of poor ventilation in your attic. Over time the buckling and curling shingles begin to rise from their surface.

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The best option for fixing your roof when it’s buckling and curling is a roof replacement. Be aware that placing new shingles atop the old may cause the same problem to occur again. To prevent future roof repair don’t allow for multiple layers of shingles.

3. Flashes of Light

If you notice sunlight shining in your attic that means there’s a space for the light to come through. That same space lets in other outside elements too. Once the water starts to penetrate your shingles it destroys them further.

Contact a licensed roofing specialist as soon as you notice even a glimmer of light in the attic. Leaving your roof unattended risks damage to your home’s interior. This includes your floors, walls, and furnishings.

4. Loss of Granules

Are you aware of the granules on asphalt shingles? They exist as another layer of roof protection. When those granules start to shed they’ll appear in your gutter.

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This is part of the normal wear and tear of roof shingles. But losing granules means compromised shingles. That means it’s time to call a roofing expert.

5. Age of Shingles

If installed correctly, shingles could last 20–30 years or more. In the latter years, you may begin to notice the occurrence of one or more things on this list. In time shingles start to peel, leaving your roof susceptible to weather damage.

It’s time to think about hiring a contractor. Part of your routine home maintenance schedule should include roofing services. Those are the professionals who built their reputation on our roofing expertise to advise of the necessary care.

It’s Time for New Shingles

There’s no need to wait until all the above happens to replace your shingles. Any one of these occurrences causes deterioration to your roof. Budget for new shingles because it’s about that time.

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