Choosing Luxury Chairs For Your Living Room

Add luxury chairs to your living room area for an impressive style boost and enhanced atmosphere. Choose between modern or traditional styles to match with the rest of your decor and find chairs that suit you and match. LUXXU’s Galea Armchair, for instance, is constructed of brass and velvet for optimal contemporary and traditional decor. […]

Windows and Doors

Luxury Entryway Ideas That Will Leave Your Guests Speechless

An elegant entryway sets the scene for any home and truly represents its aesthetic. Make a statement with lighting fixtures and furniture pieces that set off an impressive impression. Dark and gold finishes add an exquisite glow to this Luxurious Entryway. Lapiaz Mirror pairs perfectly with this exclusive sideboard. An exquisite sculptured wall mirror and […]


How to Create a Spa Bathroom

When designing a spa bathroom, it’s essential to use soothing colors and luxurious materials. Add a dash of nature with faux or real greenery (faux is fine!), promote wellness through self-care practices such as meditation or yoga and declutter surfaces for an uncluttered appearance. Add an extra luxurious touch with a bath rack that holds […]