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How to Repair Marble Furniture

This article will cover a few basic steps for fixing cracks and stains on marble furniture. There are three main steps: Resurfacing and removing stains. You can also learn about epoxy adhesives and gluing. The final step is to clean the marble table well to remove any dust or dirt. Follow these steps in order […]


Marble Furniture Care Tips

Natural stone surfaces such as marble can be difficult to clean. Spills are a prime example of marble’s tendency to stain. For organic stains, apply a solution of 12% hydrogen peroxide and ammonia to the stain. Oil-based stains can be removed with mineral spirits or acetone. Rinse off the residue before continuing with the cleaning […]


Marble Interior Design Tips To Remember

Marble is definitely not as popular as it used to be in interior design. Nowadays, when most people think about marble, they think about really cold rooms that simply feature a lot of stone or some ornate sculptures that are simply really old. Many see marble as something that should not be used in modern […]