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French Heritage Furniture Guide

French Heritage appeared on the market just a small time ago, in the year 1981, created by Hennessy and Jacques Wayser. The luxury furniture brand is now renowned all around the world among enthusiasts that are interested in only the high-end stuff. The partnership was interesting as Henessy had the American market knowledge that was […]


The Best Luxury Recliners for Your Living Room or Entertainment Room

Recliners are usually known for their modern, cutting edge design and the comfort they provide, coming across a recliner that also looks good is not necessarily easy however, it is possible if you know what to look for. There are some luxury recliners that can look very good and stylish in your living room or […]


Parnian Luxury Furniture History And Popular Lines

Parnian Furniture Inc is a really well-known luxury furniture provider that started off as a family business. The company specializes in the retail, design and manufacture of contemporary accessories and furnishings. The people behind the launch of this really popular brand of luxury furniture were architects Parvaneh and Abdolhay Parnian. Now we are already faced […]