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Marble Interior Design Tips To Remember

Marble is definitely not as popular as it used to be in interior design. Nowadays, when most people think about marble, they think about really cold rooms that simply feature a lot of stone or some ornate sculptures that are simply really old. Many see marble as something that should not be used in modern […]


Luxury Interior Design Trend Predictions For 2018

Pantone, the worldwide color authority that always predicts interior design color trends, already highlights what the big things will be in luxury interior design for 2018. Various things are already known but those that are of interest for most homeowners are the following. These are the next big things we should take into account right […]


Interior Design Rules Associated With Metal Mixing

There are many things that do not mix in interior design and many metals fall into this category. Mixing metals can create a truly wonderful appearance but you want to be sure that you do it right. If you are interested in adding space depth or visual interest you can combine iron, brass, gold, silver […]