How To Clean Rugs Without Damaging Them

The area rug is quite important in a home since it can bring the entire room together, making the design so much more attractive. However, due to foot traffic, spills and even pets or kids, it can definitely take a beating. Vacuuming is something that you obviously want to do but after some time, it […]

Interior Design

Marble Interior Design Tips To Remember

Marble is definitely not as popular as it used to be in interior design. Nowadays, when most people think about marble, they think about really cold rooms that simply feature a lot of stone or some ornate sculptures that are simply really old. Many see marble as something that should not be used in modern […]

Home tips

Home Repair Supplies To Have At Home

We never know when a problem appears in a home. Unfortunately, some repairs will end up causing huge problems if they are not taken care of really fast. It is really important that you have some home repair supplies at hand. By using them you can end up saving a lot of cash, thus avoiding […]