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What to Do About a Gopher Problem

Have mounds of dirt started to pop up all over the place in your yard? If so, then you, my friend, might have a gopher problem on your hands. Gophers are medium-sized rodents that are known for digging holes and tunnels all over the place. And they can really wreak havoc on your yard if you […]


Make Room: 6 Bedroom Storage Ideas

If you’re looking for clever storage ideas for small bedrooms, look no further! We get it, having a small bedroom can be tricky. Wall space is limited, your closet (if you even have one) is small, and beds take up so much of the valuable floor real estate. How can you maximize your space when […]

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How Does a Well Water Pressure Tank Work Exactly?

If you own a well, chances are you also have a well water pressure tank. If you don’t, you’re missing out on simplifying your water-drawing process. If you’re in the market for a new pressure tank, you may be wondering,” How does a well pressure tank work”? We’ll provide that answer for you in the content below. […]