Here’s How You Can Have A Hi-Tech Fitted Kitchen Without Breaking The Bank

Technology seems to creep its way into all walks of life and into every single room of the home we live in. We rely on smartphones for many day-to-day activities and millions of people cannot imagine spending a few days without updating their Facebook status. Because of this it should be no surprise to see […]


Extensions, Conservatories and Additional Structures – When Do You Need Planning Permission In The UK?

Rules need to be expected in many cases by homeowners in the UK. There are important things to remember about additional structures, conservatories and extensions. Here is everything you need to know about the permissions. Building Extensions A planning permission will not be needed when: Extensions cover a ground area within property boundary, without original […]

Interior Design

Luxury Interior Design Trend Predictions For 2018

Pantone, the worldwide color authority that always predicts interior design color trends, already highlights what the big things will be in luxury interior design for 2018. Various things are already known but those that are of interest for most homeowners are the following. These are the next big things we should take into account right […]